Tuesday, September 06, 2011

If your brother entices you to go estray have no pity. (Deutoronomy 13:7)

It is interesting if you read Deutoronomy 13:7-12 there is a limit to how much you should love your own family and if they do push you to worship OTHER GODS you should have no compassion on them as the passage says and you should show have no pity. It is interesting it does not mention parents though. Here is the beginning of this passage. 13:7 If your brother your own mothers so or your son or daughter of the wife of your bosom or your closest friend entices you in secret saying "Come let us worship other Gods whom neither you nor your fathers have experienced. from among the gods of the people around you-- Show him no pity or compassion and do not shield him but take his life. Let your hand be the first against him to put him to death and the hand of the rest of the people thereafter.

Anyway, a couple of questions. 1. What happens if this is your father who is dong this and bringing you astray?: 2. Even if this is true shouldn't there be a trial first and not you just doing this on your own. Someone could kill his brother and then claim well it was because he was trying to entice me to serve other Gods. Of maybe it is saying this that there should be a trial on second thought only that he should be the first person as afterwords it says that others should so clearly this means after a trial took place.

But the question still remains let us say it is your father or mother. I guess from it not being mentioned that you couldn't be involved in doing this to your own father or mother since you wouldn't have been born without them but other relatives it is a different story even though there is some closeness. And if your parents are guilty you could have no part in putting them to death. The only relevance to today would be if you had to give the death penalty to your own parents for a gruesome murder which I guess you couldn't do.

It is interesting though that here it does suggest that family unity has to be based on following God's word and not on sticking together no matter what the other person does.

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