Monday, September 12, 2011

I was in Newark on the day of 9/11 10 years ago.

And from where I worked you could see the fire of the twin towers and see the NY skyline across the Passaic and Hudson river as Newark is mostly due West of the Downtown area of NYC.

At least we got that bastard Bin Ladin although the wars we are now fighting seem to have little to do with capturing those involved in 9/11.

One aspect not mentioned with those that are in suicide missions which I would suspect is true in general whether it was the Japaneese Kamikaze's who went on suicide missions or the suicide bomber in Israel or these that blew up these buildings but they did find in Israel among those suicide bombers who ended up not being successful that most of these boys were in homes with a weak father figure. Which makes a certain amount of sense as I didn't see Bin Laden or these other terrorist thugs wanted to kill themselves just sending another man or boy to do this. And someone with a weak father may think that there is no purpose for him in this world which is why he is so willing to kill himself for some "greater cause".

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