Thursday, September 15, 2011

Starting to dislike Mrs. Anna of Domestic Felicity for being self righteous at times

I guess I decided to stir it up a little but I really feel at the end of the day SHE IS NOT THE HELPMATE OF HER HUSBAND like she should be and she herself claims that is what she is suppose to be and makes up her own ideas and then thinks she is more religion then everyone else and then of course blames everything on men and the secular world. Never holds women accountable for anything. That is typical feminism. And then men who get upset at her she says they are just bitter. Doesn't care enough about her own brethren.

Thinks she is always following the God of Israel which sometimes she herself really isn't dong but goes around that anyone outside her in group she can say anything and views them as never following the God of Israel. How does Mrs. Anna knows what is another persons heart. Some people in their own situation are trying to follow Gods way as imperfect as it may seen or in some ways are

I asked her why her husband has nothing to say about anything and she has no problem with him assuming no public role. As she tells me he is a private person. So she is the public face of her family. I think that is feminism and she doesn't care nor want her husband to have any views. She also emailed me telling me that her husband helps men privately but doesn't help publicly. So he throws men a bone. Big deal. Many so called religious men I have met love talking to other women and not so much to other men like a lot of so called religious people that think being religious they magically can save all women and those other men who work don't have the right to work even though the torah does require men to work but that is quibbling. 

Her husband has NO PUBLIC VIEWS ON ANYTHING that Mrs. Anna has shared. All she does is promote the agenda of the Rabbis good and bad. So she is the helpmate of the Rabbi and supports communism where only male leaders have rights. Instead of it being men in the government, it is the Rabbis. All he does is fix the computer and go on vacation and have a good time and work. And that is fine with Mrs Anna as she doesn't want her husband to have a more public role because deep down she is a feminist still sad to say. And likes the Rabbis that they let her be Jewish even though her father isn't which also is feminism. And just attack the men and let women get away with murder. Which is exactly what Mrs. Anna does which is classic feminism. And she thinks because she stays home that doesn't make her a feminist. How silly and against the five books of Moses  as sadly she does not like the God of Israel and makes up her own rules and/or hides behind male Rabbis who get money from the government who she claims is the reason for all the problems.


SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Big question for Mr. Adam!!!! So what are you going to do when Mrs. Adam shows up? She going to write on your blog? Or you going to ask what she thinks and include that in your post?

Or maybe the Mrs. Adam would want to distract you from being on the computer so much. What if she likes the front of your head better than the back and doesn't find the soft glow of computer monitor at night to be romantic...hahaha

Analytical Adam said...

Good question!!! I guess I may have to change the name of the blog. I guess it is a problem I wish I had.

I don't know if staring at a computer screen is very romantic but who knows!

Seriously though I would certainly want my wife to contribute with her own experiences in her sphere.

What annoys me is that in this blog DF is that I am happy for her she is married and has two girls and doesn't want to put them in day care which is good for young children but she seems to think that doing makes her in expert in area's where clearly if she if focused on this she would know relatively little about like the landscape of the different types of Jews in Israel which someone involved in the public area more would know a little more about. She can repeat the propaganda by she doesn't have much exposure in this area meeting different types of men to know this stuff and she just says things in there area's that are very simplistic and many times wrong and written by people who themselves are never in the trenches and anyone outside their in group is bad and the reason for all the problems.

And she almost never shares any views her husband has about anything and that really raises red flags for me. He should have something to share being in the working work and being exposed to other people.

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Oh Mr. Adam doesn't realize this is typical of some young-ish women. I know quite a few where things just happened to work out well for them and now they offer all sorts of unsolicited 'help' where they have no expertise in except where they happen to have gotten lucky. I find it annoying myself and try to limit contact where these know-it-alls seem to show up.

I don't know DF except from blog and I rarely comment because she never acknowledges what I post..oh well. At least Mr. Adam gives me lots of attention..hehehehe. And Mr. Adam has lots of postings on Torah to be educational. Sometimes will do also chagim postings too at no extra charge if asked nicely :)

I think DF is incorrect in her espousing that in Israel, everyone dumps their kids in daycare. Maybe in her neighborhood, but for any family with more than a few little kids it would not be practical even if government sponsored. But she's in a rural area, so I doubt everyone is off doing big careers which tend to be concentrated in big cities.

I only know a few olim (both frum and not) and have a few Israeli penpals, but I don't know any that use daycare or talk like it is a big problem as DF describes in Israel. A lot of the families I know with little kids, the women do a little side work largely from home. Stuff like tutoring, beauty services, translation, ebay, enough have a bit of a cushion. I do find her hardline stance that all she needs to do is stay home with kids (it doesn't sound like she has health issues or like that) could put a lot of pressure on her spouse who's just a regular working guy. I'm sure she likes when she's had a rough day for him to help out, but it doesn't seem like she reciprocates.

I suspect her husband has a very different background than her. I would be curious how they met though. I do like her recipes and photos though.

Analytical Adam said...

SouthernBelle wrote:>I do find her hardline stance that all she needs to do is stay home with kids (it doesn't sound like she has health issues or like that) could put a lot of pressure on her spouse who's just a regular working guy.

AS I said if that is true how can she be so knowing about all types of Jews as if she thinks staying at home gives her some special know it all power. She would work if she had too. The think bother me though is everything just being on the external appearance of being home and have a neat home.

Which if the husband makes a living through pandering to women or other groups (which since I have been working in a large company I see men make a living by being mostly a political hack without many skills) then that is bigger issue then her staying at home as she actually is able to stay at home because the husband practices feminism in the workplace for his own selfish reasons.

Analytical Adam said...

After all, a married man doesn't need a woman so why not pander to other women in the workplace so other men can't get married as make other women focus on career first. In addition some people while they stay home with the kids don't want the same for others. That actually makes them a typical socialist/feminist. Where I send my kid to private school but support public school for others.

But Mrs. Anna can't know all the nuance since she admits she spends most of her day at home which if that what she is dong she shouldn't pretend she knows about all the types of Jews in Israel.

But I was especially upset though that she talks like all the founders of Israel didn't believe in the God of Israel which yes they had their faults and they had some mixed up idea's but you know what so does Mrs. Anna. She has some mixed up idea's as well and supports a lot of Rabbinic socialism and wants to believe the worst of anyone who doesn't love a male religious leaders whether it be a Rabbi of some pastor on the LAF site. LAF has some good articles but sadly many times also they don't feel a man is a human beings unless he believes all the dogma in Christianity.

Analytical Adam said...

I do think if a woman can stay home or work at home when the kids are very young it is helpful for the children.

The hypocrisy is if your main role is to stay at home when your kids are little and your main role is in the home then you can't be an "expert' on the various Jewish people in the outside world unless A. YOu are just repeating what someone else said without giving credit or B. In reality you aren't spending your time at home but more time in other activities but just don't want to work or think this makes you magically holier or knowing more by doing this.