Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Holiday of Yom Truah (Day of Blasts is coming up next week) Not the so called "Jewish New Year"

See Leviticus 23:24 In the 7th month on the first day of the month you shall observe a complete rest a sacred occasion commemorated with loud blasts. The holidays after match what we call them Yom Kippur and Succoth the Feast of Booths. The holiday on the 1st day of the 7TH MONTH is not called the Head of the Year as the name it is called today.

Clearly, it is NOT THE NEW YEAR as how could the 7th month be the new year. And some crazy interpretation well it is different new year. Well I would think the counting of the months if for us not for trees or animals or someone else. The bible does not call it the new year either as far as I can see.

So how did this come about that this holiday came to be THE NEW YEAR. Well I honestly don't know but I can try with my own theory and that is sadly the Jewish religion wanted to imitate other religions that have a big celebration for the new year. And the 1st day of the 1st month is not a major holiday other then a new moon. And this holiday is the only one that comes out on the first. So they decided to make it the new year using this legit holiday that is called the day of blasts NOT THE NEW YEAR so we can imitate other cultures that have a major celebration from the new year even though clearly it is NOT the new year as how could the 7th month be the new year. Unless I need to quit accounting because I don't know how to count.


SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Aaawww I go hinting for a chagim post and Mr. Adam posts aren't you a big sweetie. I want to hear Mr. Adam explanation of tashlikh and kaporis next!!

This is from Wikipedia. There are some nice references I think. Much of rest of article talks about Talmud which there are lot more references but Mr. Adam already knows this because he so super smart.

The term "Rosh Hashanah" does not appear in the Torah. Leviticus 23:24 refers to the festival of the first day of the seventh month as "Zicaron Terua" ("a memorial with the blowing of horns"). Numbers 29:1 calls the festival Yom Terua, ("Day [of] blowing [the horn]") and symbolizes a number of subjects, such as the Binding of Isaac and the animal sacrifices that were to be performed.[6][7] (In Ezekiel 40:1 there is a general reference to the time of Yom Kippur as the "beginning of the year",[6] but it is not referring specifically to the holiday of Rosh Hashanah.)

Analytical Adam said...

It really does sound like the male Rabbis made this up that this is the new year. I looked up in Ezeikel Chapter 40 and it does say that the Lord came to Ezikel and the 10th day from the head of the year using the term Rosh Hashana. How do we know this isn't the 10th day of Nissan as it says nothing that this day was Yom Kippur. So I stand that the male Rabbis made this up because they wanted like other nations to have a major holiday in connection to the new year and the real new year is not a major holiday. The holiday is generally legit except that this day is NOT THE NEW YEAR from what I can see and the passages in Ezeikel Chapter 40 may very well be that this is the 10th day of Nissan or even the 10th day of some calender used in exile. It says nothing here that this was the day of atonement which anyway shouldn't be the day God would speak like this as it is a day to ask for forgiveness not a day for prophecies.

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Mr. Adam is just the best-est for looking up navi stuff. I find it a lot harder probably since there is a lot less commentary. Maybe Mr. Adam could post a little more on navi sometimes.

I give Mr. Adam another reason to celebrate. Or maybe run away fast shaking head in disgust...hehehe I started reading Mr. Adam blog about a year ago. Don't have exact date though. I was lurking a little bit because I wasn't sure if Mr. Adam would like some girl posting and ruining his blog party. But Mr. Adam is a sharing kind of guy. So it like a happy blog-o-versary too.... :)

Analytical Adam said...

Oh really!! One year anniversary. AWWWHH. It was the beginning of the torah reading.

But anyway Wikipedia helped me out here by pointing out this passage
in Ezeikal which is 40:1 which could very well be the month of Nisan and not Tishrei.