Thursday, September 15, 2011

The consideration if you take a woman during war time.

It is interesting reading In the story in Chapter 21 of the last book in the five books of Moses if a man captures a woman during war time and you desire her. Obviously men being in a war is an environment of high testosterone and God recognizing that in this kind of situation a way to deal with it rather then suppress it but regardless he is suppose to let her mourn her father and mother for 30 days and not look as attractive and if at that point he decides differently he must send her away and not sell her for money.

How some people twist the bible and use women for various selfish reasons include sex slavery is clearing their own twisted ideas and not Gods.


SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Mr. Adam super busy this week on posts. I kind of find this situation to be very troubling. However, I realize a lot of things that happen in wartime are disturbing and wouldn't otherwise happen. I get the intent of the rules is that the hot foreign woman isn't going to look so hot after the guy takes her home and she's mourning her family and old environment. And she's got her head shaved not looking so pretty. So after a while, the guy realizes he's probably not getting a good deal with the whiny old hag. And he can't profit from sending her off so it's not like he'd gain anything out of it except a possible marriage.

Though the difficulty is that doesn't seem like the captured woman would like the guy that much or Jewish people for that matter getting taken. If the guy insists on marrying her, I guess she gets converted, but it sounds like it would be forced. I mean who'd want to have to keep shabbat and kosher because some guy who took her family away and wanted her. It just seems that is a very creepy situation for the unfortunate woman to be in.

Analytical Adam said...

This idea of converting is not an issue as in the bible men did marry women from other nations and it doesn't seem like they were converted as the Rabbis have wanted to take the place of the husband but in general clearly in the bible it the woman did adopt the nation of the husband and his people.

I guess part of the reason she was allowed to mourn for 30 days was partly in respect to her as you said that her family and her people were killed during the war and also so the guy will obviously see more then just the woman's looks and realize that this woman would not make a good wife or maybe she would.

It is possible that some woman if there own people were allowed to be taken over it was because of various sins and the fact is her own people wouldn't have given a woman any rights at all if they were captured. Just rape them and then kill them afterwords.

Although in Israel if they had a war there they were not allowed to spare the women either of the 7 nations as they would influence the Jewish people in a bad way even though some men (and some women for that matter) have this arrogance of thinking they can control the other gender and won't be influenced by them and just marry someone for money of looks even though they have poor character.