Monday, September 26, 2011

I got a new bike!

On Sunday I traded a 20 year old bike that my parents mentioned when they were moving out of their home for 36 years in Monsey. And last week my landlord told me a bike store opened only a few stores away so I was able to trade my old bike and get a new one and it was the first time I have rode a bike in at least 15 years. It is good exercise and less stress on your calf muscles then jogging is and it is good for your balance as well.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A man making false charges against his wife that she wasn't a virgin.

The bible was aware that people do make false charges sometimes when they are unhappy with their spouse. This is an interesting case and the consequences of it. It is here in Deutoronomy 22:13-19.& 20-30.  That is the man is found that this was made up and she was a virgin he is flogged and has to be 100 silver shekels  he can't divorce her although I guess if she wants out her father can pay him to get out of the marriage.  I guess publicly shaming him which I guess this flogging may have been more for will mean he has to rebuild his own image and he can't just go around making false charges against his wife.

It does seem like a strange punishment and does that really benefit the woman if he lied about her. I guess that he is forced to support her in the way a man is suppose to support a wife even if she is difficult. And despite what the feminist think men don't normally hurt women so if he doesn't like her and it is a responsibility he has well it is too bad now that he made up false charges.

Mother who "abducted" her own kids from a child welfare agency.

Here is the link. Mom of 8 missing kids may be in SC

The story does not say why the children were taken from her. Sadly so called CPS does overstep its bounds and take children away from parents. Many who are in CPS are single women who are jealous of another woman who has a husband and children and get pleasure of taking children away from a loving family and don't believe foster care is a big deal. I have heard so called women in so called Orthodox shuls be involved in this racket and their hate and envy towards everyone else is obvious. They hate men. They hate women that are married and have children and they make money and they believe there is no difference between foster care and a child living with his biological parents. Of course foster care the so called parents are paid by the government and they have little long term interest in the welfare of the children they take care of as they only have them for a short period of time until they go into another foster home. The article says the women is in SC and is traveling with the childrens' father as well. . Sounds strange to me. Anyone know anything more about this case since little about being said and to take children away from parents is a terrible thing and should only be done if there is a very strong reason to do so. Not for political or because the government gives money for foster parents so they have a government incentive to take children away. 

One of my coworkers thinks well of Ron Paul.

And this guy is a big guy that promotes his view of Christianity. A young guy. And he does work with other people and to be honest he seems very passive-aggressive. It does disturb me although he admits that he can't win. But to even think good of the man of course is disturbing. This at the health company I am working at in which they extended for another two months. But it does concern me this guy and he does things that other follow his lead. Of course he hides behind women to push his agenda. And just starts talking to them in this half type way just to be disrespectful of another person trying to work. Which then others copy him. Not sure if I should say anything. Anyone have advice? Because I do sense that this support is because he is very much anti-Jewish and don't know what it could lead to as in his case I don't think he is that dumb to support Ron Paul. Just he is very passive-aggressive in his way of trying to undermine others. He also isn't married.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

More on why not too happy with the site Domestic Felicity whcih claims to fight feminism.

The two biggest reasons are as follows. 1. She at one point wrote an article on issues of why she thinks the pill isn't such a good idea. But now she is for the pill for others but not for herself and we really hurt our religion by promoting this as people do think our religion is a bunch of loopholes with no heart. It makes people think that Jewish people really are sex maniacs that they have to take the pill.  But she doesn't want to take it herself but pushes the Rabbinic position that  is ok for some which why she has to just push the male Rabbis ideas is another issue.

The other though is her staying home or not a lot of men who go to shul and I see it in men who go to the church they think they are better then other men and they rationalize mistreating other men in the workplace and rationalize pretending they figured out something that was figured out by somebody else and of course they also will more likely share it with other women then men because after all other men are just to steal from and use and of course since they go to a congregation all women are for them.

Religion is FULL OF SOCIALISM that the male leaders adopt for the same reason secular people do and that is they realize it is a way to intrude and gain absolute power by playing to envy politics.

I am seeing this a lot in the job I am currently at. They love attacking fathers which of course Rabbis don't even care who a child's father is which all despotic people want to undermine the men of others at that is in their own way of absolute power.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Holiday of Yom Truah (Day of Blasts is coming up next week) Not the so called "Jewish New Year"

See Leviticus 23:24 In the 7th month on the first day of the month you shall observe a complete rest a sacred occasion commemorated with loud blasts. The holidays after match what we call them Yom Kippur and Succoth the Feast of Booths. The holiday on the 1st day of the 7TH MONTH is not called the Head of the Year as the name it is called today.

Clearly, it is NOT THE NEW YEAR as how could the 7th month be the new year. And some crazy interpretation well it is different new year. Well I would think the counting of the months if for us not for trees or animals or someone else. The bible does not call it the new year either as far as I can see.

So how did this come about that this holiday came to be THE NEW YEAR. Well I honestly don't know but I can try with my own theory and that is sadly the Jewish religion wanted to imitate other religions that have a big celebration for the new year. And the 1st day of the 1st month is not a major holiday other then a new moon. And this holiday is the only one that comes out on the first. So they decided to make it the new year using this legit holiday that is called the day of blasts NOT THE NEW YEAR so we can imitate other cultures that have a major celebration from the new year even though clearly it is NOT the new year as how could the 7th month be the new year. Unless I need to quit accounting because I don't know how to count.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The consideration if you take a woman during war time.

It is interesting reading In the story in Chapter 21 of the last book in the five books of Moses if a man captures a woman during war time and you desire her. Obviously men being in a war is an environment of high testosterone and God recognizing that in this kind of situation a way to deal with it rather then suppress it but regardless he is suppose to let her mourn her father and mother for 30 days and not look as attractive and if at that point he decides differently he must send her away and not sell her for money.

How some people twist the bible and use women for various selfish reasons include sex slavery is clearing their own twisted ideas and not Gods.

Starting to dislike Mrs. Anna of Domestic Felicity for being self righteous at times

I guess I decided to stir it up a little but I really feel at the end of the day SHE IS NOT THE HELPMATE OF HER HUSBAND like she should be and she herself claims that is what she is suppose to be and makes up her own ideas and then thinks she is more religion then everyone else and then of course blames everything on men and the secular world. Never holds women accountable for anything. That is typical feminism. And then men who get upset at her she says they are just bitter. Doesn't care enough about her own brethren.

Thinks she is always following the God of Israel which sometimes she herself really isn't dong but goes around that anyone outside her in group she can say anything and views them as never following the God of Israel. How does Mrs. Anna knows what is another persons heart. Some people in their own situation are trying to follow Gods way as imperfect as it may seen or in some ways are

I asked her why her husband has nothing to say about anything and she has no problem with him assuming no public role. As she tells me he is a private person. So she is the public face of her family. I think that is feminism and she doesn't care nor want her husband to have any views. She also emailed me telling me that her husband helps men privately but doesn't help publicly. So he throws men a bone. Big deal. Many so called religious men I have met love talking to other women and not so much to other men like a lot of so called religious people that think being religious they magically can save all women and those other men who work don't have the right to work even though the torah does require men to work but that is quibbling. 

Her husband has NO PUBLIC VIEWS ON ANYTHING that Mrs. Anna has shared. All she does is promote the agenda of the Rabbis good and bad. So she is the helpmate of the Rabbi and supports communism where only male leaders have rights. Instead of it being men in the government, it is the Rabbis. All he does is fix the computer and go on vacation and have a good time and work. And that is fine with Mrs Anna as she doesn't want her husband to have a more public role because deep down she is a feminist still sad to say. And likes the Rabbis that they let her be Jewish even though her father isn't which also is feminism. And just attack the men and let women get away with murder. Which is exactly what Mrs. Anna does which is classic feminism. And she thinks because she stays home that doesn't make her a feminist. How silly and against the five books of Moses  as sadly she does not like the God of Israel and makes up her own rules and/or hides behind male Rabbis who get money from the government who she claims is the reason for all the problems.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Has two wives, one loved and one hated. (Deutoronomy 21:15)

And has the first born from the "hated" one he receives a double portion.

Anyway, Rabbis want the Messiah to come because they think they will then be able to have multiple wives although when the Messiah comes I'm sure Rabbis will be found out as impostors anyway.

But I don't think it means literally hated as a man should not stay married to a woman he hates. It likely means that doesn't love her as much as the other woman.

Which even though it is all academic at this point the Rabbis claim you have to love each women equally which #1 how do you enforce and #2 clearly the men in the bible did sometimes love one women more then another and it is what it is. For various reasons. Beauty and sometimes character. One women has somewhat better character then the other. Sometimes there could be different reasons he loves one of his wives and for other reasons the other one. To demand sameness is asking a man to be above a human being and also suggesting that all women deserve to be treated the same regardless of what they do which is lazy on their part.

Yes, I realize this is all academic but when I hear that a man is suppose love two women the same if he is married to them and treat them the same for many reasons it is absurd. And sometimes God will make up for it in some way that one is loved more then the other which is likely what is meant here by "hated".

As here in this case the son of the less loved one gets more of an inheritance then the other son.

As to why a first born gets a double portion that not sure of.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Wish I could do something to improve my eyesight.

With my glasses I can see 20/20. But I have a -5 refractive error in my better eye. Which is borderline severe as anything over -5 they say you have a 5% risk of detached retina. Which is a lot higher then if you have no or very minor refracted error. LASIK surgery doesn't cure myopia and actually is harmful to the cornea and weakens it. They overcompensate in a different way and only part of the eye so you have an irregular cornea and at night your pupil can be larger then the area they operated on so you have distortions. This operation thins the cornea. Some have cornea failure 5-10 years later that requires a cornea transplant.

Some "EYE EXERCISES" can help. They also use to have something called Accomotrac that is a biofeedback when your eye is relaxing when looking in the distance and I actually did this 18 years ago and it helped a little but at that time I had other issues. The other issue you have to wear a little weaker pair to get your eyes to work a little. Which I do actually wear now a prescription except when driving at night that is a little less then my full prescription. It may be overall better for the health my eyes to get my prescription down as much as I can but I guess at this point I have to live with it just as Moses had to live with having a speech impediment.  

I was in Newark on the day of 9/11 10 years ago.

And from where I worked you could see the fire of the twin towers and see the NY skyline across the Passaic and Hudson river as Newark is mostly due West of the Downtown area of NYC.

At least we got that bastard Bin Ladin although the wars we are now fighting seem to have little to do with capturing those involved in 9/11.

One aspect not mentioned with those that are in suicide missions which I would suspect is true in general whether it was the Japaneese Kamikaze's who went on suicide missions or the suicide bomber in Israel or these that blew up these buildings but they did find in Israel among those suicide bombers who ended up not being successful that most of these boys were in homes with a weak father figure. Which makes a certain amount of sense as I didn't see Bin Laden or these other terrorist thugs wanted to kill themselves just sending another man or boy to do this. And someone with a weak father may think that there is no purpose for him in this world which is why he is so willing to kill himself for some "greater cause".

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Moses not eating or drinking for 40 days (Deutoronomy 9:8-9)

Moses was with God for 40 days and 40 nights to receive the 1st tablets after being provoked at Horeb (don't remember what the sin was there. Was that the quail the demanded? ) and the 2nd tablets after the sin of the Golden Calf.  And in both cases Moses did not eat or drink for 40 days. It seems part of the reason Moses was up there for 40 days and 40 nights was because the Jewish people sinned and to get forgiveness for the sins. It is interesting because in general the Jewish religion is not about fasting and there are less fast days then other religions. In Islam they don't eat during the day for 30 days during Ramadan and in Christianity during lent they don't eat in the morning for 30 days I think. Judaism though at least biblical Judaism fasting is not something God demands other then Yom Kippur. For Moses to do this for 40 days is pretty amazing but he wasn't doing it so he can think he was holier then the next person. He was doing to try to gain forgiveness for his people for their sins. And since he was focused on that he didn't focus on his own eating and drinking. I does seem though the purpose was NOT BECAUSE OF SOME EXPLANATION FOR THE TORAH but because his people sinned as Moses clearly states if you read Deutoronomy Chapter 9 that he had to be up there because of sins of the Jewish people and he was trying to get forgiveness for their sins.

This is somewhat relevant as during the 6th month to the 10th day of the 7th month which is Yom Kippur Jews focus more on asking for forgiveness for their sins  although it should be for real sins and not just some mumbo jumbo. More to come during the week. Have a good week everyone!!

If your brother entices you to go estray have no pity. (Deutoronomy 13:7)

It is interesting if you read Deutoronomy 13:7-12 there is a limit to how much you should love your own family and if they do push you to worship OTHER GODS you should have no compassion on them as the passage says and you should show have no pity. It is interesting it does not mention parents though. Here is the beginning of this passage. 13:7 If your brother your own mothers so or your son or daughter of the wife of your bosom or your closest friend entices you in secret saying "Come let us worship other Gods whom neither you nor your fathers have experienced. from among the gods of the people around you-- Show him no pity or compassion and do not shield him but take his life. Let your hand be the first against him to put him to death and the hand of the rest of the people thereafter.

Anyway, a couple of questions. 1. What happens if this is your father who is dong this and bringing you astray?: 2. Even if this is true shouldn't there be a trial first and not you just doing this on your own. Someone could kill his brother and then claim well it was because he was trying to entice me to serve other Gods. Of maybe it is saying this that there should be a trial on second thought only that he should be the first person as afterwords it says that others should so clearly this means after a trial took place.

But the question still remains let us say it is your father or mother. I guess from it not being mentioned that you couldn't be involved in doing this to your own father or mother since you wouldn't have been born without them but other relatives it is a different story even though there is some closeness. And if your parents are guilty you could have no part in putting them to death. The only relevance to today would be if you had to give the death penalty to your own parents for a gruesome murder which I guess you couldn't do.

It is interesting though that here it does suggest that family unity has to be based on following God's word and not on sticking together no matter what the other person does.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Working part of the day tommorow.

It has been very busy the last few weeks. Hope to get some posts up this week. Have a happy Labor Day.