Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My current job at a large healthcare company. Immoral men get rewarded.

To be a decent man today it is very hard to make a living. After all if you want to train another man so he can get married and have some kind of family you are a sexist. If you are the kind of guy that loves working with attractive women you are promoting "women rights" and promoting "more equality". So men who do this make more money even though they may not be moral men to want to work with attractive women and have them work for you and focus on their job and not to get married so we have more "equality". Anyway, this is based on what is going on now.

I have had a 3 month assignment at one of the large health care companies. and the last week or so have not been good. Sadly I am carrying the water for this other guy they hired. An African American guy who I feel is sort of lazy and could be doing more but they don't even care who does what as long as it gets done. Which I could quit if I want since I have two other jobs I am working at that I could put more hours in

He also loves talking to women and just being led by them and not taking any initiative on his own and is married with no kids and seems to think because he is married that makes him better then me. He interrupts me as well recently and got upset when I asked him to have to his cubicle and said I could talk to who I want. Another man that doesn't respect another man's space the way he behaved in this instance. And talk in secret to women.

It got me thinking though.


SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Mr. Adam sounds so sad and frustrated. I think you need to be reminder how yummy you are...hehehe. See bet you feel better now. :)

Don't forget you still have super big prize from a while back yet to redeem!!!!

Analytical Adam said...

Well OK. This post those is in relation to a bigger issue and not just me and that is a man that wants to help other men out of a sense of virtue and helping them be able to be independent in their own role in today's world would be considered a "sexist" and people complain about a lack of good men and to be a good man it is hard to make a living.