Monday, August 08, 2011

Michael Savage has phony antisemitic crank Ron Paul on his show.

Was really disappointed and disgusted with this as listening to Malzberg he had people that discussed "real" issues and problems with this budget deal.

Ron Paul is the biggest phony out there. He votes no on bills yet he sticks earmarks in these bills that he votes no on for his area and his district because he knows there are gong to pass despite his no. That is the classic behavior of a phony who only says this to make people think he cares about government spending which he doesn't because why else would he stick earmarks in the bill for his district.

Update: Here is the truth about Ron Paul. One of only 4 Repubs to request earmarks. Ron Paul one of only four to request earmarks

Also his supporters always seem to hate Israel which hey if Paul if for small government I would think he would support a small state like Israel against bigger states around them.

He had nothing to say either to Savage other then we are bankrupt. Nothing specific and nothing specific about the problems with this bill like the fact that if the committee of 6 Dems and 6 Repubs can't agree on a budget that they cut military spending.

I sometimes really fire that Savage at 69 years old maybe should do a weekend show or something as more and more he seems to pander to certain people for reasons that I don't think are good.

I really hope I don't get the Paul crazies commenting here but thankfully my blog at this point isn't too popular for them to bother but who knows with them.

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