Monday, August 15, 2011

Me being brainwashed somewhat. Part 1: Judaism and the EEOC.

I decided to write on some ways I was a little bit playing the identity politics game not really because I really care more to keep my job. Also at this time I thought if my boss supported someone with weird hair or something that would be good for me as someone Jewish. How wrong I was. This was about 9 years ago when I lost a job that I was at for almost two years and the person who let me go made some very inappropriate comments I thought although I will admit overall I was a so so worker and played this game that I am sure some that weren't Jewish didn't appreciate at this job. Which certainly while there are those that dislike Jews are problems also are due our own internal behavior and to just blame every else and ignore your own internal issues is not right and is a slap in the face to other people that you just blame them and ignore those from your own group that are as much to blame as anyone else.

At the time I didn't see it coming and felt it was because of bigotry which to be fair in one case I really felt I was being singled and a certain client that didn't like me was in the end had their own issues but other then that in some other things I did I now 9 years later (and have realized this now for a number of years) that other people had good reason not to like me so much.

And the BIGGEST LESSON I learned here is I admit at the time I did go to the EEOC office to which they told me they wouldn't take my case which in retrospect A. A company should have the right to hire and fire who they feel are overall doing a good job and even though a few things I thought I was unfairly maligned there were other things that clearly did upset some people and rightfully so and B. This whole idea will never be something that will benefit a Jewish people that is trying to follow God's word. Why is that? The answer is pretty obvious. Because God doesn't support these idea's. The bible is to people of the EEOC very sexist so why would they support someone who follows at least parts of his religion when this practice may lead to them being marginalized.

I will say though THANK GOD that I was rejected for this stupid thing I tried to pull. I did teach me that I have to work hard and work with others to keep a job and dong that made my skills better as well. But I do feel bad for those who they do support which causes some to be lazy and play this identity politics game which at some point will come back against them if another group is more important then them and by hiding behind this their skills will not be where they should be to be able to move on.

It is sad I had to learn this listen at 28. Also, Judaism is not some weird religion that we want to act weird like other groups but the focus in on acting weird so people then think that their weirdness is equal to other weirdness. But sadly again people know the religion is more then just acting weird and even condemns some of the OTHER WEIRD BEHAVIOR so there is no way that playing this game will work.

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