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The Karaites disregarded the laws of inheritence in the bible.

Thanks to SouthernBelle for mentioning wikipedia on this subject of the daughter of Zelaphehad  which I looked up myself and had some interesting things to say including about the Karaites on this subject. 

Clearly to me undermining other men as of course this is male leaders that decide to do this shows a movement that is afraid of men having other ideas then they have and doing everything they can to undermine them and they don not want open expression or to promote any other point of view except their own even if it is clearly in error. Also we see here the Karaites creating their own rules with no explanation and of course they want to undermine other men who feel they are being wronged in this regard so make them as helpless as can be so they can't fight back. This is from wikipeida on this general issue that in Rabbinic circles also seemed to be be disregarded although they made up some legal loophole around it according to this.

This is from the wikipedia entry on the daughters of Zelophehad Daughters of Zelophehad. In English the really make the name long. As in hebrew it is pronounced differently. Anyway, on the points mentioned here, this is what the link say.

Evidently the regulations preferring male descendants came to be disregarded in some respects, as the Book of Job, which textual scholars date to the fourth century, states in its epilogue[32] that Job's daughters were given equal inheritance rights to his sons,[31] and the Karaites always gave daughters the same rights as sons.[31] By the Middle Ages it came to be a tradition to evade the inequality between daughters and sons via a legal fiction, in which the father claims that he is indebted to his daughter for a certain sum of money, and that this debt is due by him and his heirs, and then makes a formal agreement that this debt is to be paid upon his death, either in cash or as a proportion of his estate equal to half the share of one of the sons;[33] by this legal mechanism, the daughter would either gain a share in her father's estate, or a sum of money equal to its value.

So we see here the Karaites ignored the biblical laws as did others which I think includes Rabbinic Jews who used this legal fiction. which clearly is for the purpose of circumventing this law and not based on any economic reality. Sadly to many people the bible is the most sexist book but this is what it says and like anything else we can't just ignore it or pretend we know better then God on inheritance.

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