Monday, August 15, 2011

Karaite Meir Rekhovi. He wants to train "women" for the next generation. Not his though.

I am wondering where in the torah Moses trained a woman for the next generation but in his generation it was all men. That is what is seems like here. This is a response I got from him about some of my concerns about the Karaites and feminism which as all feminism is by men to keep themselves in power by hiding behind women who are less of a threat to their own job then another man is. Anyway this is what he wrote to me.

Meir Rekhovi.
Why are you so aggressive? You don't ask questions, but attack without really knowing what you are talking about. I will just quickly answer some of your accusations. 1. The reason why there are no women leaders at the moment is because none have risen to fill such places within the last 20 years or so, however this generation is different (italics mine)  as several women are studying to become Hakhamoth. 2. About fire on the Shabbath, I suggest you learn Hebrew, the Tora clear states, "You shall not let a fire burn in all your settlements on the Shabbath" the Tora uses the causative form of burn which means in Hebrew to let something continue in its present state or to cause something to continue in its present state. 3. I am not responsible for what others say, whether they are Karaites or claim to be Karaites. 4. The rest of your email, I don't know what on earth you are talking about, even when I put my psychoanalyst's hat on I still can't make head or tale of the rest of your message.(My comment: So he supports psychoanalyst when he doesn't understand. This is such arrogance)

Anyway this is what I wrote to him in two installments.

Post 1.
I just wanted to say that I am really not thrilled with your movement overall as while you are correct that Rabbis have used the "oral torah" to control their people it seems the Karaites method of controling their people is feminism and turning women against men. I don't see any Karaite leaders being women so it seems the classic diviide and conquer mentality. The movement also seems to take criticism very personally yet they at times vicious criticsm towards others. People that throw out criticism (hating Hareidim men and wanted to "save" the Haredim women who like the fact they control the finances) and can't take it are not good people and that will be succesful in the end and what I see is this movement reaching out to everyone except Jewish men. This movement is doing a horrible job of reaching out to their own people as I didn't know thiis movement existed other then a woman on my blog analytical adam mentioning it when I thought that the Rabbis hid behind the oral torah to attack Karaites when there may have been other problems but the Rabbis hid behind this issue to force the oral torah down peoples throats to which this woman pointed out you still exist and actually it is true that you don't allow fire to burn which in that area the position makes no sense as the literal translation you should not burn a fire is in itself can't be literal. How could you burn a fire and further you are not burning a fire if it was lit on Friday. The fire is burning the fire.

Post 2: Furthermore, doesn't this movement see that thinking they respect women and everyone else doesn't to be utter arrogance. You know what goes on between another man and woman that you know this. Furthermore, this is to suggest that men and children were treated well to the exclusion of women. For both reasons this is a very hateful thing to say that shows a lack of respect for other people of the earth to make vicious comments like this which is at best a half truth and at worst no truth at all.

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