Sunday, August 28, 2011

If Jews truly followed the laws of the torah other nations would see the wisdom of it. (Deutoronomy 4:5)

Sadly though Jewish people have corrupted their own religion that the religion looks weird to even those who follow it that they think they have to support other weird practices so they can have "religious freedom".

However, if you read Deuteronomy 4:5-7 it says as follows. See I have imparted with you laws and rules the Lord my God has commanded me for you to abide by in the land that you are about to enter and occupy. 6. Observe them faithfully for that will be proof of your wisdom and discernment to other people who on hearing of all these laws will surely say "Surely that great nation is a wise and discerning people".

Sadly though to most nations really think Judaism is a wise religion. The answer honestly is no. In fact many Jews themselves find the "religious to be odd". They see a clannish people who seem to be superstitious and who think other people were created to serve themselves. They see a people that doesn't respect other people. But this passage clearly states if we did practice the commands of the bible properly they would make sense to other nations.

I can't disagree. Why has this happened? I think Verse 4:2 answers the question. You shall not add anything to what I commanded you or take anything away from it.

Rabbis have done this. They claim it is to "build a fence around the torah" but that is really NOT what they do in many cases in fact they do opposite. They give certain leniency to certain group at the expense of others. They also have adopted a very hateful view of other nations in general.

Some of the worst things that I do think would cause others to dislike us and our religion which has been distorted by the Rabbis.

1. This reading that is said publicly after finishing a book in the Talmud claiming we work and go to heaven while they work and they go to Gehenim. I don't think this is a misquote.

2. The Shabbos Goy thing. What nation can we respect this.

3. If a Jewish women marries a man from another nation with her own free will we tell the father that he doesn't matter.

4. The Rabbis themselves claiming that they bring a child to the "World to Come" meaning they make the child good while the father only bring the child into this world and of course doesn't teach the kid anything and if it wasn't for the male Rabbi the kid would be immoral and not following God. In fact they put their own honor as more important then a father which I'm sorry I don't see where it says to Honor thy Rabbi.


SouthernBelle Rivky said...

I have lots to say, but I mostly agree with Mr. Adam :) Though, each point could be elaborated and rationalized (and it's been done already), your overall message I would agree with.

Though I do think people do want to respect others that follow their religion. It seems people do have respect and are quite curious for Amish for instance. Amish have a lot of weird rules theirselves from the way they dress to their actions. Yet, at least from the outside, they are perceived favorably as good, simple, hard working decent people. I don't know of any big scandals involving Amish. There is a little bit of petty crime mostly young adults before they are admitted into the church. Though they are a much smaller and isolated group of people. But overall I think Amish have pretty good public relations.

Oh, have a good Labor Day!!!! And good Shabbos too while we're at that :)

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Oh, I can't resist opportunity to play devil's advocate with Mr. Adam!!! I know I'm being difficult :)

Plenty of Jews are going BT, and heck, lots of gentiles are going Jew. Just ask Mr. Adam's favorite organizations, Aish and Chabad--they have to keep expanding to get everyone that wants to come. So obviously lots of people think Judaism is wise and just peachy to alter their lives so drastically. Just so they can get their own shabbos goys and soon it's 'tis the season swing a chicken in atonement (never did that though). So how does Mr. Adam address that :)

I think I know what Mr. Adam will say, but Mr. Adam will say it best :)

Analytical Adam said...

It sort of is I will tolerate your irrational ideas if you tolerate mine but how long does that last? And that is seen as a regressive force not as a progressive force.

In terms of the Amish some people respect the fact that they are involved in farming and owning land but in terms of their other ideas not so sure. Most people know that many of them cheat anyway. Also, they are against all conflicts that may require arms which is not a good thing.

They are at best seen as a curiosity but that is about it. Certainly that is not what the torah is about. Being strange.

Analytical Adam said...

In terms of the BT's many more likely leave then come and most of them are young and want an escape from life which the religious world gives them.

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Thank you Mr. Adam for nice response. I forgot that Amish were pacifist which is a nice theory in perfect world, but sadly action sometime it is necessary. It not fair to expect everyone else to take care of them. I'm glad you reminded me and didn't get all mad. Oh, Amish make really good cheese too which when you find kosher, you ought to try it!!! Mr. Adam is so educational and consistent too :)

And you are right I think about BT's. I like how you phrased it. The numbers I think are very grossly overstated.

Analytical Adam said...

SothernBell wrote: I'm glad you reminded me and didn't get all mad.

OK. Well I am not perfect and may be at times I am quick to anger but there are things that do anger me and I think should anger me.

Although sadly many Orthodox want to be like the Amish and have other people do some of the things that they should not give others to do and a religion that needs OTHERS to do what they can do themselves is not something that is going to be respected.