Sunday, August 14, 2011

Do not provoke Edom or Moab

Some like to claim the Jewish bible (they claim is the "Old Testament") is about war and killing. Of course there are times where God feels certain behavior deserves harsh retribution including death but clearly any true reading of the bible shows compassion for others besides the people that Moses is leading into Israel.

Case in point is here is Chapter 2 in Deuteronomy where Moses says that God said to him to not to provoke Esau in Seir or to distress Moab. They were given land by God that also the Israelite people did not have the right to take and they also were cousins of the Israel and therefore should not provoke them. It is interesting especially because Esau is suppose to be the perpetual enemy of Israel but if that was the case God would not tell Israel to show restraint with them. Clearly they had some merits that God told Israel to leave them alone from what I can see. This is so different then what you hear in religion that you either believe as we do or there is no hope for  you.. 

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