Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Book of Deutoronomy. Moses repeating his understanding of what God said to him.

Some of this book is rehashing the events from Exodus-Numbers with Moses feelings about it.

In it Moses says and God spoke to me throughout the reading.

Anyway two interesting thoughts came to me from reading  From Chapter 1 his talking about picking judges in which they were suppose to be men of character as this is how it is put here in verse 1:13 as Moses is talking about it "Provide for yourself distinguished men who are wise, understanding, and well known to your tribes, and I shall appoint them as your heads. It goes on to say to judge fairly and righteously in dispute but I guess this is part of the idea of the leader appointing judges as happens in many countries although sadly today the criteria is not what it was then.

The other thought I am going to start a new post.

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