Sunday, August 28, 2011

If Jews truly followed the laws of the torah other nations would see the wisdom of it. (Deutoronomy 4:5)

Sadly though Jewish people have corrupted their own religion that the religion looks weird to even those who follow it that they think they have to support other weird practices so they can have "religious freedom".

However, if you read Deuteronomy 4:5-7 it says as follows. See I have imparted with you laws and rules the Lord my God has commanded me for you to abide by in the land that you are about to enter and occupy. 6. Observe them faithfully for that will be proof of your wisdom and discernment to other people who on hearing of all these laws will surely say "Surely that great nation is a wise and discerning people".

Sadly though to most nations really think Judaism is a wise religion. The answer honestly is no. In fact many Jews themselves find the "religious to be odd". They see a clannish people who seem to be superstitious and who think other people were created to serve themselves. They see a people that doesn't respect other people. But this passage clearly states if we did practice the commands of the bible properly they would make sense to other nations.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My current job at a large healthcare company. Immoral men get rewarded.

To be a decent man today it is very hard to make a living. After all if you want to train another man so he can get married and have some kind of family you are a sexist. If you are the kind of guy that loves working with attractive women you are promoting "women rights" and promoting "more equality". So men who do this make more money even though they may not be moral men to want to work with attractive women and have them work for you and focus on their job and not to get married so we have more "equality". Anyway, this is based on what is going on now.

I have had a 3 month assignment at one of the large health care companies. and the last week or so have not been good. Sadly I am carrying the water for this other guy they hired. An African American guy who I feel is sort of lazy and could be doing more but they don't even care who does what as long as it gets done. Which I could quit if I want since I have two other jobs I am working at that I could put more hours in

He also loves talking to women and just being led by them and not taking any initiative on his own and is married with no kids and seems to think because he is married that makes him better then me. He interrupts me as well recently and got upset when I asked him to have to his cubicle and said I could talk to who I want. Another man that doesn't respect another man's space the way he behaved in this instance. And talk in secret to women.

It got me thinking though.

I was on the 6th floor during the Earthquake today.

Certainly did feel it. All the buildings were evacuated but no damage. It was a 5.8 tremor located in VA. It must have lasted about 15-30 seconds.

Sent everyone home. Really wasn't a big deal other then it was the first time I hve been in an earthquake which I figured was what was being experienced. Thankfully not a terrorist attack.

Now we have to worry about Hurrican Irene that now is looking now it is gong to get near NYC according to the latest maps.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sorry didn't blog this weekend. Everyone have a good week.

Been very busy this weekend so didn't get a chance to blog! I wish everyone a good week!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Me being brainwashed somewhat. Part 1: Judaism and the EEOC.

I decided to write on some ways I was a little bit playing the identity politics game not really because I really care more to keep my job. Also at this time I thought if my boss supported someone with weird hair or something that would be good for me as someone Jewish. How wrong I was. This was about 9 years ago when I lost a job that I was at for almost two years and the person who let me go made some very inappropriate comments I thought although I will admit overall I was a so so worker and played this game that I am sure some that weren't Jewish didn't appreciate at this job. Which certainly while there are those that dislike Jews are problems also are due our own internal behavior and to just blame every else and ignore your own internal issues is not right and is a slap in the face to other people that you just blame them and ignore those from your own group that are as much to blame as anyone else.

At the time I didn't see it coming and felt it was because of bigotry which to be fair in one case I really felt I was being singled and a certain client that didn't like me was in the end had their own issues but other then that in some other things I did I now 9 years later (and have realized this now for a number of years) that other people had good reason not to like me so much.

And the BIGGEST LESSON I learned here is I admit at the time I did go to the EEOC office to which they told me they wouldn't take my case which in retrospect A. A company should have the right to hire and fire who they feel are overall doing a good job and even though a few things I thought I was unfairly maligned there were other things that clearly did upset some people and rightfully so and B. This whole idea will never be something that will benefit a Jewish people that is trying to follow God's word. Why is that? The answer is pretty obvious. Because God doesn't support these idea's. The bible is to people of the EEOC very sexist so why would they support someone who follows at least parts of his religion when this practice may lead to them being marginalized.

I will say though THANK GOD that I was rejected for this stupid thing I tried to pull. I did teach me that I have to work hard and work with others to keep a job and dong that made my skills better as well. But I do feel bad for those who they do support which causes some to be lazy and play this identity politics game which at some point will come back against them if another group is more important then them and by hiding behind this their skills will not be where they should be to be able to move on.

It is sad I had to learn this listen at 28. Also, Judaism is not some weird religion that we want to act weird like other groups but the focus in on acting weird so people then think that their weirdness is equal to other weirdness. But sadly again people know the religion is more then just acting weird and even condemns some of the OTHER WEIRD BEHAVIOR so there is no way that playing this game will work.

Karaite Meir Rekhovi. He wants to train "women" for the next generation. Not his though.

I am wondering where in the torah Moses trained a woman for the next generation but in his generation it was all men. That is what is seems like here. This is a response I got from him about some of my concerns about the Karaites and feminism which as all feminism is by men to keep themselves in power by hiding behind women who are less of a threat to their own job then another man is. Anyway this is what he wrote to me.

Meir Rekhovi.
Why are you so aggressive? You don't ask questions, but attack without really knowing what you are talking about. I will just quickly answer some of your accusations. 1. The reason why there are no women leaders at the moment is because none have risen to fill such places within the last 20 years or so, however this generation is different (italics mine)  as several women are studying to become Hakhamoth. 2. About fire on the Shabbath, I suggest you learn Hebrew, the Tora clear states, "You shall not let a fire burn in all your settlements on the Shabbath" the Tora uses the causative form of burn which means in Hebrew to let something continue in its present state or to cause something to continue in its present state. 3. I am not responsible for what others say, whether they are Karaites or claim to be Karaites. 4. The rest of your email, I don't know what on earth you are talking about, even when I put my psychoanalyst's hat on I still can't make head or tale of the rest of your message.(My comment: So he supports psychoanalyst when he doesn't understand. This is such arrogance)

Anyway this is what I wrote to him in two installments.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Do not provoke Edom or Moab

Some like to claim the Jewish bible (they claim is the "Old Testament") is about war and killing. Of course there are times where God feels certain behavior deserves harsh retribution including death but clearly any true reading of the bible shows compassion for others besides the people that Moses is leading into Israel.

Case in point is here is Chapter 2 in Deuteronomy where Moses says that God said to him to not to provoke Esau in Seir or to distress Moab. They were given land by God that also the Israelite people did not have the right to take and they also were cousins of the Israel and therefore should not provoke them. It is interesting especially because Esau is suppose to be the perpetual enemy of Israel but if that was the case God would not tell Israel to show restraint with them. Clearly they had some merits that God told Israel to leave them alone from what I can see. This is so different then what you hear in religion that you either believe as we do or there is no hope for  you.. 

The Book of Deutoronomy. Moses repeating his understanding of what God said to him.

Some of this book is rehashing the events from Exodus-Numbers with Moses feelings about it.

In it Moses says and God spoke to me throughout the reading.

Anyway two interesting thoughts came to me from reading  From Chapter 1 his talking about picking judges in which they were suppose to be men of character as this is how it is put here in verse 1:13 as Moses is talking about it "Provide for yourself distinguished men who are wise, understanding, and well known to your tribes, and I shall appoint them as your heads. It goes on to say to judge fairly and righteously in dispute but I guess this is part of the idea of the leader appointing judges as happens in many countries although sadly today the criteria is not what it was then.

The other thought I am going to start a new post.

The Karaites disregarded the laws of inheritence in the bible.

Thanks to SouthernBelle for mentioning wikipedia on this subject of the daughter of Zelaphehad  which I looked up myself and had some interesting things to say including about the Karaites on this subject. 

Clearly to me undermining other men as of course this is male leaders that decide to do this shows a movement that is afraid of men having other ideas then they have and doing everything they can to undermine them and they don not want open expression or to promote any other point of view except their own even if it is clearly in error. Also we see here the Karaites creating their own rules with no explanation and of course they want to undermine other men who feel they are being wronged in this regard so make them as helpless as can be so they can't fight back. This is from wikipeida on this general issue that in Rabbinic circles also seemed to be be disregarded although they made up some legal loophole around it according to this.

Why do we celebrate Tu B'Av? Is there any reason other then this.

I honestly don't know. This seems like another holiday made up by the male Rabbis. A few weeks ago the torah reading in Numbers 36 in the last portion of Numbers mentioned how due to a concern that was raised about the daughters of Zelaphad inheriting property a rule was put in place that if a woman does inherit property because their father had no sons they have to marry within their tribe so the property doesn't end up going to a different tribe. This is NOT a general command that woman should marry within their own tribe only if they inherit their fathers land should that their is some responsibility the women have in inheriting this land to preserve their fathers name.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Bought my first e-reader.

The screen is really sharp. I got it 25% with Borders going out of business. The Kobo Touch. Seems to work well using the touch screen as this just came out a few month ago competing with the Nook which also came out with a touch e-reader.

Monday, August 08, 2011

FDA goes after those selling raw milk.

This was really overreaching by the mostly men in the government. No question about it. Going after farmers who sell raw milk. Dr. Hoffman discussed in Saturdays program. Heating the milk you lose certain nutrients. This is what the FDA is for. To go after farmers who sell raw milk.

It was also picked up by the druge report as Dr. Hoffman was mentioning.

Here is a link to the story.

Raids of farmers selling raw milk

Food stamps rise to 45 million

Food stamps rise to record 45 million

Very disturbing. 20% of the whole US population on food stamps. Of course they will vote for more entitlements for the government but of course this is gong to lead to tyranny for people to vote simply because they will get freebies because of other people working which what happens if there aren't enough people working and they don't get what they think they are entitled to. They will go crazy and likely they will blame those who are relatively productive in society.

Michael Savage has phony antisemitic crank Ron Paul on his show.

Was really disappointed and disgusted with this as listening to Malzberg he had people that discussed "real" issues and problems with this budget deal.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Steve Malzberg on the Debt Crisis. The defense buget is cut if they can't agree.

 Please check the podcasts for August 1st and 2nd and some of his guests from the Republican side.

Steve Malzberg Archive

This deal is horrible. According to him and his guests  basically they have a 12 person committee to deal with debt issues 6 Dems and 6 Repubs. If they can't agree what happens. They cut defense spending and medicaid (or medicare not sure). Of course Obama could reinstate medicare or medicaid and of course it is likely that the two sides won't agree. SO then Obama cuts defense spending for not agreeing. So why would many Repubs agree to this as it will make them look bad if an agreement in 6 month on the budget can't be reached. Furthermore. Obama has said this is step one and we need a "balanced approach" which of course means raising taxes. And yet Eric Cantor claimed that this was a good new deal because there were no new taxes which really isn't true.

US debt rating is down to a AA+

For the first time ever we have lost our triple AAA rating by one of the major credit rating agencies. The early indicators in the markets in Asia are not good.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Dr. Ronald Hoffman discusses birth control for teenage girls.

From the 4:19-6:30 point on his show last Saturday. Here is the link to the Podcast Hoffman Health Talk Podcasts It is the show Saturday July 30th part 1.  What are the side effects. Girls take it for acne or for having a difficult period. But the side effects are decreased bone density and at this age their bones are growing a lot. I guess similar to a study he mentioned that when women take the pill and do weight training they have lesser gains while on the pill.

It is funny he said if they had a male pill all the side effects he wouldn't take it and as he says it is fooling with nature.