Sunday, July 24, 2011

Was Karl Marx Jewish?

All the anti-Semites love to claim Karl Marx was Jewish. And the Jews are behind all socialism. Blah, blah, blah. I did look at his Wikipedia entry and learned some things I did not know. In fact both his parents were born Jewish and Karl Marx's Paternal line provided the Rabbis of Trier since 1723 and Maternal Grandfather was a Rabbi as well. His Paternal Grandfather was the first according to wikipedia to have a secular  education. His father married a Dutch Jewish women. So both of his parents were Jewish so the anti-semites are right to point this out. However, his father did convert from Judaism to  Protestant Christian denomination of Lutheranism prior to his son's birth, taking on the German forename of Heinrich over Hirschel. So his father converted out of Judaism to a religious denomination in which the founder Martin Luther had a very hateful view towards Jews.

According to the Rabbis this doesn't matter that his father converted out before he was born. According to the anti-Semites it doesn't matter either that maybe you should blame Lutherism for this since that was the religion he was raised in. But you look at this and again according to the Rabbis a woman can marry a man who belongs to a group that is very hateful towards Jews and it doesn't matter. The son of course is going to be influence by the father and was taught to distrust and hate Jews. Furthermore, Jewish woman who marry nonjewish men dislike Jewish men and don't want a man that has opinions and they meet a nonjew who also doesn't like Jewish men as well which they share a common hatred. Sadly she doesn't realize the reason is because the person doesn't like Jews in general but men are always the bigger target to focus on. In fact he likely thinks Jewish woman are easily malleable. 

But in the real world this view the Rabbis have put us in tremendous danger as the case of Karl Marx in which he was raised in a religion that does have a lot of hatred towards Jews at least by Martin Luther the founder. And in his ideas he had no problem to oppress Jews and their religion.

So do I think Karl Marx was Jewish? No! His father was Jewish and he by his own free will decided to convert to another religion before his son was born. Karl Marx was not circumcised in the covenant to be part of the Jewish people and was raised in the religion that his father chose.

If anything, if any religion is to be blamed the religion of Lutheran Christianity should be blamed (in fact I have read interestingly they were the biggest on children being indoctrinated and forced to go to certain schools) and not Judaism if any religion is to be blamed for this except for the Rabbinic position that is absurd (the mother was Jewish and never converted out although why she married a born Jew converted to Lutheran Christianity says she didn't support Judaism either) and what the anti-Semites hide behind.


Anonymous said...

"It would be difficult to find anyone who had a more Jewish ancestry than Karl Marx."
- Prof. David McLellan

Heschel Mordechai (Marx, like Marcus, is a shortened form of the name) was baptised before Aug 1917, and changed his name to Heinrich to save his job.

Karl Marx was baptised, not in a church, but in the family home, along with his siblings, when he was six years old.

Karl Marx's mother (Henriette Pressburg) who spoke no Dutch, whose written German contained no punctuation whatsoever, had undoubtedly spoke mainly Yiddish in her family home in Nijmegen, where her father was chief rabbi. She was not baptised until 1925, once her father had died and her son Karl, aged 7.

Marx's mother was the niece of Hannah Baren-Cohen, who married Nathan Rothschild. Marx and James de Rothschild had a mutual close friend in Heinrich Heine. Plus Marx wrote about his second-cousin-once-romoved Lionel Nathan de Rothschild, in 1953.

It's a good job you've got the anti-semitism canard to throw around as your defence, as your research is a joke.

Analytical Adam said...

Uh, excuse me I am not denying that both of his parents have a Jewish ancestors. Anyone who claims otherwise is a fool as you point out and I point out in my post as well.

The point is, however, was his father did convert to another faith before Karl was born and a faith Calvanism that it is founder Martin Luther was very anti-Jewish. He wasn't circumcised as an 8 day old boy. Biblically this would be a problem in him being part of the Jewish nation. At best he was a cut off Jew and was raised in the Calvin religion.

So for any anti-semiite to use Karl Marx as an excuse to hate Jews is a very sick person since biblically he wouldn't be considered part of the Jewish nation.

And wondering what your agenda since the fact he was baptized at 6 years old proves my point.

You could plain Christianity for Karl Marx as well. WHy blame Jews since he never practiced Judaism?

Anonymous said...

Me again.

How do you know Marx wasn't circumcised? What source can you cite? I can't cite any source that says he was, but I can prove his illustrious maternal ancestry and their relations has been consistently, and seriously suppressed. Meaning there's is foul play afoot.

His mother didn't covert until 1925, when Marx was 7 years old.

His father had reluctantly converted to Xianity only the year before Karl's birth. In his 1815 letter to Rhineland Governor General von Sack, Heinrich Marx describes Jews as his "fellow believers", and asks that Prussian laws discriminating against Jews be annulled.

Karl was baptised aged six, in his house, not a church, but his home. A home run by a Jewess.

Karl Marx's grandmother was the cousin of Nathan Mayer Rothschild, the richest man in the world. Again, this fact has been constantly suppressed. Which speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...

"Henriette and her children remained Jewish for the time being. Karl Marx was thus born a Jew, and may even have been circumcised (although there is no record of it),"

- Karl Marx: An Intimate Biography (1978)

Here's a family tree I drew up, I need to correct his parent's dates of birth, but aside from that it's all correct. Marx wasn't just Jewish, he was mega-Jewish.