Sunday, July 17, 2011

Two more video's on the Leiby Kletzky murder by this monster.

Here are two more video's discussing some of the issues related to this horrible murder by this very sick man.

The only motive (as even very twisted have some motive)  I can think of is that it was said that he himself was hit by a car at 9 years old in the head and it did effect his brain that he became overly neurotic. And instead of having sympathy for his brain injury people treating him like dirt and because he was treated badly as a boy he wanted to get back at another family that had a son. Of course that doesn't excuse in any way the sick thing he did to just dismember the body like this although he claims it was because he wanted to get rid of the evidence although I don't know if someone would do this to get rid of evidence either but he just wanted to viciously get back at some boy for his own way he was treated as a boy by the religious community. But regardless to treat the dead like this is sick. It really makes you wonder about Orthodox Judaism as well since this guy was involved in Orthodox Judaism. He clearly knew it was wrong and cases like this are why there should be a death penalty for cruel murders like this.

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