Friday, July 15, 2011

This week was the bible reading I read at my Bar MItzvah. Numbers Chapter 25:10-30:1

Which is good timing as my birthday was Wednesday. My hebrew birthday was about the same day as I turned 38 and the hebrew calender has a 19 year cycle (the imperfect one created by Hillel) as they used the year being 365 1/4 days which the year is slightly shorter then that. The result is that holidays now are about 10 days later then they were 1900 years ago which the day 1900 years ago should be the same but instead you will see it is 10 days earlier which at some point will be a problem. Hillel of course used the science of the time. I was brainwashed to believe that this idea was from Mount Sinai from the "oral' torah but that is nonsense and sadly not giving credit to the scientist who had a good idea of how long the day was but it was approximated to 365 1/4 days which it isn't which is why in some century years 2100,2200,2300 there will  be no leap day in the solar calender but in the years that the first two numbers are divisible by 4 there is a leap year which is the year 2000 and 2400. At some point we will have to add 10 days to the hebrew calender. The church actually uses the solar equinox for when they celebrate Easter which is if it isn't after 12 month from the last Easter they add a month.


SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Happy birthday!!! hope you did/doing something fun to celebrate. You could have mentioned it earlier and we could have thrown the party. obviously not a surprise one...

I thought you were a Leo with all this lion talk we had ages ago. So confusing! Turns out you are Tammuz baby which makes you Cancer!!!!!!... aawww

Analytical Adam said...

Well thank you. Actually my hebrew birthday using the Rabbinic calender was yesterday. This week was the torah portion I read when I was 13.

My hebrew name is Aryeh. I was named after my Maternal Grandfather who passed fairly young. He was only 64. He died a year before I was born His English name was Leopold.

But I use my biblical English name (the only one in the family in my generation up to 1st cousins who has a biblical first name being Adam).

On top of this my Maternal Grandfather did have a son who also had a son so I am really not suppose to preserve my Maternal Grandfather name so I guess I'm not really a Leo since I don't use my hebrew name too much and my Uncle and his son have spoken about my Maternal Grandfather which is good to know. My Grandfather did charge less for those of less means in the store he ran on the East side.

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

I hope you celebrate for two days. Or maybe just do the whole month just to eliminate any doubt. So in some ways you are both Cancer and a Leo :) Lion in name, cancer by birthday. Think that means you were born in a leap year too so it matches up. Like you get the best of both. And anyone can be named after anyone so it is OK. Sometimes people get named after people not related to them just because it works out that way. Explains your email too, I thought it meant 613 (which is a contrived number, not going into that at the moment) wasn't enough for you. You seem more like a cancer though....hehehe as I run away quickly.

I know you'd find the whole kosher astrology thing dumb, but that's the current fad thing going on at singles shuirim. The best thing about it is the whole retro 70s thing of "hey, what's your sign?" as a conversation opener. never tried it though in person or anyone say that to me.

You should go since the speaker is biased and points out people born in Tammuz are the best ones and everyone need to go wind up with a Cancer :)
That being said my birthday is next I think that is sage advice, but I might be a tiny bit biased to agree :)

Analytical Adam said...

So you also are a cancer. Great!! OK. Not sure how they got a sign of cancer since isn't cancer a recent development.

Every stupid fad is adopted by adding a few hebrew words to it to make it kosher. It really is pathetic to be very honest with you which I know you are being sarcastic anyway in some way. :)

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

I was being mostly silly, except it is indeed true I'm also a Cancer and that's the favorite at that particular shuir series. Mr. Adam such a super smarty as usual, caught on. Nothing slips by Mr. Adam these days!

Cancer is crab based on the constellation, nothing disease related. I think the disease has been around for a long time but people just thought of it as old age related. The constellation looks nothing like a crab to me. Look like a Y (sometimes upside down or sideways), which is suppose to be the two pinchers. Then again I think Leo looks like a backwards question mark. Good thing they didn't hire me to come up with horoscopes.

Good article I think

Analytical Adam said...

I really hope you are not going a "shuir" on Astrology. I don't believe the star determine out temperament among other things.

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

I have gone to singles events where that was the topic (OK I had a ulterior motive :), but I have not gone to an in-depth class. You know how people will do a teaser type of class as a social event to get people to want to sign up for a big series.

It is entertaining since it is a lively young crowd mixer and doesn't cost arm and a leg to go since the motivate is to get you go to more classes that charge.

Analytical Adam said...

Well OK. The problem is when you have a lecture on a topic like astrology it attracts those kind of woman and they don't think much of you if you think the lecture is silly. It doesn't put me in the best social situation when they have a speaker I don't think has much to say.

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Well since you are the valuable Tammuz baby that's so highly regarded it really doesn't matter if you think it is silly :).

An 'authority' hehehe already said Tammuz babies are the best ones and people should not pass one up so must be true...hehehe....This person is pretty obsessed with Cancers, yet thinks Scorpios [also water sign] are 'evil'). My friends went to other ones where that was repeated.

So you just have to use your Cancer charms and you are all set...hehehe

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

OH!!! I know another reason for Mr. Adam to totally go for kosher astrology women...hehehe...this is great reason. Same people into astrology would be in kabbalah. AND great news, Mr. Adam only a couple more birthdays away from being officially able to study kabbalah.*
So you get all your kabbalah books, nice red string and some pretty colored rocks supplied for you as upcoming birthday present. I know you are really really hoping for that but you just don't want to admit it.

*I know everyone else got told the ban was lifted but left you out of memo so you think the 40 year old rule applies to you, but not for long. :)

I'm only being more silly. It's so fun to make fun of stuff like this and you not get all mad about it. :)