Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sticking with my two current jobs.

I looked up the President of this possible job(is this isn't a company with multiple owners) . Made one error as they have 30 employees. But he has a very unique name and looked him up on Facebook. The fact none of his top 5 people mentioned on his site did not mention one word of anything personal seemed odd. And that he needed a female lawyer as his top 5.  Anyway one of the activities this guy supports is Stiletto Spy School. Which is a woman empowerment school. Which actually I think women should know self defense and I wish I knew some self defense but regardless nobody should think male or female that because they know self defense they are indestructible and can combat any person. It is just crazy and dangerous to have such hubris.

This shows no sense in this guy to support something like this and he may be a big ego manaic which is why his entity is run by him only with no co-owners. And for a woman to use her body just to seduce man for various things which is just not moral. My instincts were right here and I suspect if I took this job I would be miserable and in addition this guy would see me as some fanatic religious guy and I would likely not last. Furthermore, it is very unlikely I would get promoted in any way.

Also, interestingly, he also likes a show called "men of a certain age" which supports the good man project which basically feels that gender roles have changed. But then why support groups like Stiletto Spy School that seem to suggest should use their sexuality to manipulate men. Feminism really is for the lazy man. But this being the case I don't sense I have any chance of moving up in this job that they were considering me for and who knows with a guy like this. Maybe he will have some problems revealed with him and then I have on my resume a company I worked for a while that the guy is a big creep. Not something I need.  This idea that men have no feelings is really a straw man's argument that this idea of a man that shows no emotion as a real men is simply not biblical manhood. But this straw man argument is used to support this idea of just pretending the genders are the same in all ways which is obvious nonsense. 

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