Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our wives and children will be carried off! Comment made by the men yet the women were also punished.

This was a comment made in Numbers 14:3. Why is the Lord taken us to that land to fall by the sword Our wives and children will be carried off.

Clearly these are comments made by men. Yet the only people God exempted from the punishment that was soon to be given was Caleb and Joshua and anyone under 20 (see numbers 14:29).

In fact God in an interesting twist mocks this comment made. As God says: 14:30 not one shall enter the land in which I swore to settle you- save Caleb and Joshua. 31. Your children who you said would be carried off these will I allow to enter they shall know the land you rejected but your carcass shall drop in the wilderness while your children roam the wilderness for forty years. This is obviously to some degree the children are being punished for the sins of their parents as God did not feel the children should just leave the parents to settle in Israel which is interesting in itself.

However, nothing here is mentioned of the women. As God does not say the women will be allowed to enter even though the men claimed their wives will be carried off. So clearly they wouldn't be allowed either as otherwise God would mock this statement as well as God did regarding the children. Also it says those over 20 of the listings in 14:29 which obviously only included the men as they were counted if they were part of the legion to protect the Tabernacle.

Clearly the torah is mentioning the most outspoken comments as in 14:3 which were likely made by the men who have deeper voices. But clearly the women wept along with the men as it says in Numbers 14:1 that the whole community broke into loud cries which the women were part of and therefore deserved the same punishment of the men and did not deserve any sympathy. The only people who did were the children who being under 20 are not yet fully adults.

Also from this I think clearly both Caleb and Joshua's wives were also allowed into Israel.

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