Sunday, July 10, 2011

Moses understands true leadership as he tells God that he has not taken from others.

Unlike religious leaders of today who feel no matter what they do you should do as they say. Moses in Numbers 16:15 does appeal to God in response to the behavior of Korach and their rebellion and says in numbers 16:15: "Pay no regard to their oblation, I have not taken the ass of any one of them, not have I wronged any one of them." Clearly Moses understands that if someone is wrong by him they clearly will have a legit gripe against him and will not listen to him and it is not something he should expect especially as a leader that abuses his power to take from someone else. But here clearly this was not the case as Korach and his followers were just rebelling against legitimate leadership established by God and by a man that did not use his leadership to take from others. In fact a few passages before Korach shows his agenda of jealousy towards Moses and Aaron legitimate leadership and roles by claiming that God took them out of a land of milk and honey which actually is completely false as Egypt was a land of slavery for the Jews and I guess they would rather be slaves to Pharoh then have Moses legitimate leadership which shows how twisted they were.

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