Sunday, July 24, 2011

Moses angry abot the soilders sparing the Midainite women!

In this weeks bible reading of Numbers Chapter 30:2-32:42 Israel takes vengeance against Midian for it's role in enticing Jewish men to sin with the Peor and cause a plague in Israel. And they smite all the males and took captive the women of Midian and their young children and all their cattle and flock and all their wealth thhey took as spoiles. (31:7) And they burned their palaces in fire.

Moses however was angry with the commanders of the army.

As Moses said "Did you let every female live? Behold, they caused the children of Israel by the word of Balaam to commit a betrayal against God regarding the matter of Peor and the plague occurred in the assembly of God. The he commands the officers to kill all the women who could have had relations with men and young boys the only ones to spare would be young girls who could not have had relations with men. See 31:17-18.

I think this is the translations as it says every woman fit to know a man by lying with a man you shall kill. They would have no way of knowing who did what the only think they would know if that young girls before puberty couldn't be a part of this. Why also kill the young boys but let young girls live why Moses added this I guess he was concerned that when the boys become adults they could avenge this attack so therefore you can't have compassion on them.

This shows that the sin among men is sometimes to have a blanket sense of compassion towards women no matter what they do which is not a good thing and not following God which was why Moses rebuked them. In this case it was absurd to act like the women were victims when they were the ones to entice men and went along with this to get Jewish men to sin so God would be angry with them. This goes against a lot of organized religion today that no matter what women do they are the victims. Which in some situation is really an insult to God and shows love of women more then love of God which is not a proper love of women when it is above that of God as it is then based then on your own heart and own lusts then.


SouthernBelle Rivky said...

I warned Mr. Adam offline I had big issue on this parsha. It seems the Midanites were punished, but what about the men that were also guilty parties? Except for the guy that Pinchas took care of.

True the Midanite women were wrong for enticing the men. But the men willing went along with it. Just because they were given easy opportunity with foreign women they aren't innocent parties either. They could have left, ignored it and done something else.

And it even seems some are being rewarded since they get to keep the younger girls for themselves (which I was told was for marriage purpose). 31:18

I have been to shuirim where it was presented that 'men can't help theirselves' if the opportunities presents itself. As if it isn't a man's fault if he indulges. I've had a speaker compare Midainite women to women working in midtown Manhattan today. Really?? Are women working in Manhattan really throwing themselves at men at work and men can't help themselves.

Of course, this line of thought leads to men shouldn't be working, women should, since the temptations for men are just too great in the working environment. Uh huh...

I have a hard time buying that though. Guys like that if they really can't resist women have a big problem. They don't sound like good quality people if they can't resist doing the right thing just because they see attractive and willing women. Although some men are like that, I hope that it isn't that many. I think a lot of men would be decent.

Analytical Adam said...

To answer your basic question here the ringleader that Pinchas slew was NOT the only man punished. Moses did say in Numbers 25:5 to the judges "Let each man kill his men who were attached to the Baal Peor". So they were held accountable in a very serious way that their sin was a capital sin. Further, it says 24,000 died in the plague. So clearly the men that were enticed here were held responsible and God did punish those involved as of course the men could have said I am sorry but this goes against our beliefs and leave us alone to anyone trying to harass them. Further, God especially wanted the ringleaders to be help accountable who as it also say God take all the leaders of the people hang them before God against the sun and the flaring wrath of God will withdraw from Israel. SO this idea that only this ringleader who was brazen enough to go into the Mishkan was punished is not true if you read the whole narrative in Chapter 25 which clearly God did hold the men responsible which was why a plague killed 24,000 and Moses instructed the male judges to kill any man involved in the worship of the Beol Poer.

Analytical Adam said...

Part 2:Of course this idea that men are just sex manaics that can't control themselves and this overpowers any rational thought of the consequences to others of just being enticed by a woman is absurd and if that is really true that men are not fit to be able to do anything. Of course the men that have this view don't punish themselves just other lower level men which the torah here mentions the male ringleader for everyone to know his sin but this doesn't suggest that other men who did this they weren't punished. 24,000 died in the plague of a people in which the total male population that could serve in the legion was about 600,000. That is 4% of the total. And others may have been killed that weren't mentioned here since Moses did instruct the judges to kill any man involved.

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Mr. Adam is such a super smart guy for tying in with earlier parsha!!! I wasn't 100% sure if they were connected since there's a lot of action in between and maybe the attack was over something else.

After hearing this discussion a few times, I politely emailed a speaker about this (more business like than how I chat with you since you are so fun :). Other women were grumbling on why didn't the men leave the situation if foreign women were bothering them and it starting to be tempting. I didn't want to question in front of everyone since maybe he needed time to think or look up something. I get if someone is speaking about one topic, it might be hard to think off the top one's head to answer.

The response I got back was two lines. Didn't know how I could come to such conclusion (a question isn't a conclusion). And I got a brocha that I would get 'clarity.' I decided I'm not going back, how's that for clarity :)

The other point I got really annoyed with was how supposedly the Midainites were likely wearing revealing/skimpy clothing and so attractive. And well the men couldn't resist foreign women since their women were more modest. It doesn't say that in the parsha, but I suppose if women are trying to entice men, they'd do that sort of thing and maybe foreign women are attractive in a novel exotic way. But that discussion does imply Israelite women would be considered less than.

So my other naughty thinking is if the irresistible competition so to speak is running around like that it puts the Israelite women at a huge disadvantage to be overly covered up and therefore considered not as pretty.

Oh and thank you sooo much Mr. Adam for being really nice guy and not getting all upset over question. :)

Analytical Adam said...

Thanks for commenting. I thought it was a fair question although reading it clearly it is related to what the Midianite did before. I do know this Parsha well (Pinchas) because it is my Bar Mitzvah Parsha.

As I have said before this idea that some women like to feel good about themselves because some to kiss up to them will tell them that men can't control themselves but the reality if that is true you can't really hold them accountable if they can't control themselves if that is just the "normal man". And a man who isn't that way must be gay or something. Usually men who say this are just projecting what they are themselves from what I have seen.

Analytical Adam said...

(Part 2) Of course the women in the bible were very attractive and it is sad that somehow a woman that is attractive must be bad or something to be attractive. How a woman uses her sexuality is an issue. But for a woman to be attractive or to feel something is wrong with her because she is attractive is not a good situation.