Sunday, July 03, 2011

More on the Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism. Federal Highways.

Another interesting issue brought up was "Public roads". In the 1950's Eisenhower built the federal highway system that you have roads from East to West and North to South. You have Route 80 that goes from Teaneck, NJ all the way to San Francisco, CA. So what could be bad about that. Well for one thing this road goes through some area's that are in the middle of no where just to have a cross country road. The cost for upkeep is very high which taxpayers have to pay for. Also it has led to the devaluation of cities in that if you move to the suburbs the government is subsidizing the roads  and subsidizing suburban life rather then you or people who move to the suburbs paying to have good roads. This has led to the lowering of city real estate which has led to most cities losing population. New York City the book did mention is the one unique exception to this. Sadly the subsidized interstates did lead to a massive devaluation of urban and inner city real estate according to this writer which is you go to Northern Philly or Central Detroit you see this which he feels the public transportation with people moving to the suburbs and not having to pay for their own roads since it was paid for by the government led to massive devaluation and at the end of the day leads to these long commutes to work that people have and of course towns are just there because they are near the public interstate. 

The first paved highway and the first turnpike were privately built. Even the NYC subway system has it's origins in private enterprise Charles Harvey's West side and Yonkers patent railroad co. built the first mass-transit train in the city and other competitors soon followed suit. (pg. 199). 

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