Sunday, July 17, 2011

Interview with Yacov German the man who helped capture the child murderer of an 8 year old boy Leiby Kletsky.

An interview with Yaakov German. LIsten to the Audio in this article.

The man who cracked the Leiby Kletsky Murder Case

He deserves a lot of credit for his work and wanted the child to get a proper burial which is very noble and he is a real hero in this case. Although he shouldn't say God put these ideas in his head as God gave his the ability to use his brain to do good. It is so sad that Rabbis continuue to claim that men can't use their own thinking ability and have to go to them for everything which they have the right to make up their own rules but the rest of us don't. It is a horrible story and this guy should get the death penalty. No question about it. Listen to the audio in this article which was a 7 minute interview with Steve Malzberg of WOR. He did mention that he taught his own son if he got lost or needed help to go to a store and ask someone in the store for help who works in the store rather then just a stranger on the street.

Update: Another interesting aspect is the Jew vs. Jew aspect of this as the monster who did this was also a Jew who prayed in synagogues. 

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