Sunday, July 10, 2011

Have another possible job not sure if I should move forward with?

Started a job last week with Blue Cross that is for 3 month but could go longer. It seems to be going ok. Also working one day for another job that he really told me when I took the job at Blue Cross that two days a week would be best.  I got earlier but they are paying me as an independent contractor and promise me 40% of new clients they get which sounds good but at the moment they are paying me not so great and as an independent contractor.

So last week I got a call from a company that is willing to hire me after a background check (which I had with Blue Cross as well) and are giving me a test on QuickBooks. I would be doing a lot of bookkeeping and accounting work for clients they serve who it is better to do this then pay for an internal accountant. Their firm has about 90 people but looking at their site I have concerns.

The biggest concern is for a company of 90 people of the 5 people they mention they mention a woman who deals with their legal concerns. Which, most companies don't put this as one of their top members that makes me wonder if they use unscrupulous means to get clients and they have a lawyer to deal with it when clients are upset. Yes, most companies have people who deal with this I would think but they don't publicly mention it. The other is the women who I first met her profile just mentions her work and that she is studying for an MBA which OK. Why not mention something personal as most companies mention at least something. She told me she once worked as a nanny (which is interesting)while her profile says nothing other then she is studying for an MBA which OK but I suspect for most people they don't really care that much if you are studying for an MBA.

And there is one owner who worked in the big 4 and you wonder why he is the only owner. I once worked with a CPA firm that had one woman who was a lawyer and the reason for that is that they had problems with some clients and in some cases it does seem that they had a legitimate issue with the firm. So that really concerns me that an accounting company that does outsourcing for people that don't need a full time accountant through them needs a female lawyer and writes this on their company profile. Some companies would see this as well if they bothered to look and be turned off if they didn't already sign a contract which maybe these contracts have fine print that they didn't know about.

I also worked for a company that  they mentioned seeing on other resumes that similar to them had a woman dealing with legal issues that they brought on while I was there. The guy also was aware of the small accounting and bookkeeping company I am working for once a week now. I makes me wonder that they know a lot about these small firms that they have similar operations. Maybe they want to buy out some of these clients which ok nothing wrong with that. But like I said reading the company profile makes me a little nervous.

Only one owner? One of the 5 people they mention is a female lawyer dealing with legal issues which why mention this publicly? Nothing personal mentioned of even where they live which is odd? Also the person they interviewed recently they told me they did a background check and they found out he had a multiple names and some misdemeanor. Sounds like they are somewhat desperate.

Anyone can share what they think from reading this? I am thinking of sticking it out at Blue Cross/Blue Shield for now at this temp job and working one day a week for this other accounting and bookkeeping firm. This other job which may be permanent and have some benefits just doesn't sound right.

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