Sunday, July 03, 2011

Enjoying this book the Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialsim. "Public Roads and Woodrow Wilson"

Really enjoying this book. Especially as an accountant. It is hard to believe that in 1914 only 96 years ago 99% did not pay income tax. The law started in 1912. Those "dark ages". The top rate was 7% for those making over 500,000. Which of course nobody thought at some point all of us would be paying taxes. The major federal job at the time was the post office as there were only 402,000 federal government workers. But Wilson was the big on expanding government according to the author of this book.

Also Wilson like others who were big on expanding government powers imprisoined those who he felt didn't agree with him. Also what is says here on page 212 of this book is interesting.

"Wilson placed George Creel, a journalist, socialist, and strong supporter of child labor laws and women's suffrage in charge of ensuring home-fornt morale through the Committee for public info. But the committee overshot it's mark banning everything German from Beethovan, to sauerkraut, to banning the German language." Interesting in that in WWI Germany was blamed even though they were not any more to blame then anyone else in WWI and many of these grievances led to Hitler who use this to gain power even though he himself wasn't German. He was Austrian but are taking sides in WWI did hurt Germany getting rid of the Kaiser's that led to Hitler when their economy collapsed in the Weimer Republic.

A couple of other intersting items in part 2.

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