Sunday, July 10, 2011

The death of Miriam and Aaron

Just catching up here. In Numbers 20 as this was read last week both Miriam and Aaron die. When Miriam dies the well stops giving water to which Moses and Aaron err and hit the rock instead of speaking to the rock and they are both punished by not being allowed to Israel as they along with Joshua and Caleb were going to be allowed into Israel. Which gets to Miriam. Apparently she was not allowed into Israel either. I would this is because her husband was part of the sin of the spies even though she had other merits in being the older sister of Moses that the well stopped giving water after her death which would seem the connection is there with her being the older sister of Moses. 

And Aaron as well dies to which the people mourn 30 days. This seems that the people deep down did love and respect his leadership that they mourned 30 days for him despite at times not heading him.

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