Sunday, July 17, 2011

The daughters of Zelapchad and inheritence when there are no sons.

The story in Numbers Chapter 27 is quite interesting. It does show that God in general does view certain gender roles with each gender having different rights and protections. Regardless though they are not rigid to the point that they would end up hurting families in the end. Case in point is the Daughters of Zelphcad.

In general if you read this the inheritance goes to some male relative. However, the daughters of  Zelpchad did not want their fathers name and his land to be lost because he had no sons. He had 4 daughters and no sons. Going to a brother would just give that brother both him and his brothers portions. And their intention was to preserve their fathers name who they mention was not involved in the sin of Korach. To which God agrees that if there are no sons the daughters should inherit the property. If there are no daughters then it would go to some other male relative. This was NOT however about these woman wanting "equal"rights as some would like to claim. But clearly the ideas here are a real issue in the world today in some countries in which they would rather have a male child for partly this reason and the rules are rigid without any exceptions.

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