Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another vile Karaite at one point when it comes to women. Issac Kight.

Update: I hope this guy has realized the wrongs of his ways which we all make mistakes as I myself have changed since I started this blog. 

I have learned some good things from some Karaites. But there have been problems with the movement as they have adopted some of their own man made idea's for political reasons just as Rabbis have done. And this goes back as well and not just a recent development. 

This written by Issac Kight. No surprise here from reading what some of this guy has had to say.

"Where I live if ANY man insinuates that another has been with a woman of ill repute, even as a joke he will have his teeth knocked out."

I see.  So if someone thinks that a man supports immoral women which some men do beat the man up for mentioning that. That is the behavior of a so called "religous person"??? 

I would think that men who do this this is to intimidate others to not criticize in this area because it is true. A real leader if accused of this would simply point out how it isn't true and if the person was spreading false rumors then that person should suffer some consequence. But beat the man up. That is the behavior of a lawless thug.

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Liron said...

This is clearly based on his location in a modern Western society. Not many will disagree with him.