Saturday, July 09, 2011

Although don't think it is for good reasons but is good that NASA is not being funded

I think Obama is doing this because he thinks that government control is good and leaving it to the private sector would hurt them. So his intentions are bad but they have done little of anything that has really helped us in any way. Just hype.

In fact before NASA on August 24th, 1960 a US satellite had yielded pictures of 1.5 million square feet of Soviet Territory.

The fact they have to claim inventions that happened before NASA like Teflon and Velcro that had actually been around for decades that weirdly they want to take credit for. And the people on these flights do very little unlike a pilot of a jet as Chuck Yeager commented.

I don't see us fighting wars in space which was the scare tactic used to claim this was needed which the biggest supporter was Lyndon Johnson. Privately and publicly  JFK, and Nixon admitted that these moon missions would serve no practical function but but were competing with Johnson.-1 . Both Barry Goldwalter and Gerald Ford were skeptics. It is nothing but vanity projects with a very bad safety record as well.

1- From the Politically Incorrect Guide to the 60's by Jonathan Leaf. pgs. 117-126.

Also the book the Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism by Robert Murphy also felt that NASA was a waste of taxpayers money.

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