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The Josephites request regarding the Daughters of Zelapchad and women in general inheriting property.

Gilead in Chapter 36 in numbers mentions a concern of the consequences of the daughters of Zelapchad and women in general inheriting property if there are no sons. Their concern is expressed in verse 3. "If they marry persons from another Israelite tribe their portion will be cut off. Meaning when they marry a man from another that inheritence will go to the children who will be a from the tribe of the father who is from a different tribe. That in the end will NOT preserve the fathers name. And Moses in the name of God said their plea as well was just and any daughter that inherits property because there are no sons must marry a man from their fathers tribe as God commands the daughter of Zelphchad that they can marry any man as long as it is from their fathers tribe as it says in verse 6.

I never realized this until now. I use to think this was a general prohibition of intermarriage between tribes but that is not the case. A woman can marry from any tribe she wants if she isn't inheriting property. But if she is for the purpose of preserving her fathers name since her father had no sons then in a case like that for this to truly happen she has to marry someone from her specific tribe or else in this next generation her fathers property would go to another tribe.As it says in verse 7. No inheritance may pass over from one tribe to another, but the Israelites must remain bound each to the ancestral portion of his tribe.

So in this case of inheriting property she had certain limitations in who she can marry to truly preserve her fathers name. This part of the daughters of Zelapchad sadly is not well known as I didn't realize it until now.

And the daughters of Zelaphchad did as God commanded. Milhah, Tizrah, Hagolah, Milca, and Noah, Zelapchads daughters were married to sons of their Uncle, which I guess were cousins of theirs to preserve their fathers name.

It is funny that the stone Chumash and the Gemarah really get this wrong. In the stone chumash it mentions that in the Talmud in Taanit page 30a when the land was appointed this restriction was lifted to universal rejoicing that a barrier to the nations unity no longer existed!!! And the 15th of Av was a celebration of this event of course which they think it is a good time to meet your mate. Likely this isn't even true and it seems they seem to think that this was a general command to women that they shouldn't marry with another tribe which may over time cause a unity issue which I once thought not reading it carefully. But that isn't the case. This is only a command for women who inherit property of their father not to marry from another tribe which would then cause the land to be inherited by another tribe.  If anything that is to preserve unity that tribes don't try to use this backhanded way to inherit another tribes land. This would only affect maybe at most 25% of the women if the average family had 2 children you have about a 25% that none of them would be boys. And if more then two even less. So the idea that abolition this to preserve unity shows that are so called male Rabbis are not reading the torah carefully and are impacted by feminism that they don't even see what is being said here that this is only for a minority that inherit land that in inheriting this land they have responsibilities in that.

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Another vile Karaite at one point when it comes to women. Issac Kight.

Update: I hope this guy has realized the wrongs of his ways which we all make mistakes as I myself have changed since I started this blog. 

I have learned some good things from some Karaites. But there have been problems with the movement as they have adopted some of their own man made idea's for political reasons just as Rabbis have done. And this goes back as well and not just a recent development. 

This written by Issac Kight. No surprise here from reading what some of this guy has had to say.

"Where I live if ANY man insinuates that another has been with a woman of ill repute, even as a joke he will have his teeth knocked out."

I see.  So if someone thinks that a man supports immoral women which some men do beat the man up for mentioning that. That is the behavior of a so called "religous person"??? 

I would think that men who do this this is to intimidate others to not criticize in this area because it is true. A real leader if accused of this would simply point out how it isn't true and if the person was spreading false rumors then that person should suffer some consequence. But beat the man up. That is the behavior of a lawless thug.

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Was Karl Marx Jewish?

All the anti-Semites love to claim Karl Marx was Jewish. And the Jews are behind all socialism. Blah, blah, blah. I did look at his Wikipedia entry and learned some things I did not know. In fact both his parents were born Jewish and Karl Marx's Paternal line provided the Rabbis of Trier since 1723 and Maternal Grandfather was a Rabbi as well. His Paternal Grandfather was the first according to wikipedia to have a secular  education. His father married a Dutch Jewish women. So both of his parents were Jewish so the anti-semites are right to point this out. However, his father did convert from Judaism to  Protestant Christian denomination of Lutheranism prior to his son's birth, taking on the German forename of Heinrich over Hirschel. So his father converted out of Judaism to a religious denomination in which the founder Martin Luther had a very hateful view towards Jews.

Paternal vs. Maternal Lineage in Judaism and the bible. In general views it by the father.(Part 3) Ezra

Rabbinic Judaism has decided against the torah and against the fathers of these children  that a child is Jewish if the mother is Jewish in 100% of the cases and nothing else matters which seems like rigid gender type politics and which while the Torah does have general gender roles it is not this rigid as is here. For example the daughter Zelapchad were able to inherit property to preserve their fathers name although in dong so they were required to marry within their tribe.

  This here though is a clear pander to feminists  and like all feminism at the end of the day benefit men in exactly the way the feminists thought they were stopping  that men can then marry a woman with no Jewish male influence or background so they think they can then mold the woman the way they want without any competing male influences. Which anyway is very arrogant thinking.

Here are the first two parts of this topic.
Paternal vs. Maternal Lineage Part 1

Paternal vs. Maternal Lineage Part 2

Moses angry abot the soilders sparing the Midainite women!

In this weeks bible reading of Numbers Chapter 30:2-32:42 Israel takes vengeance against Midian for it's role in enticing Jewish men to sin with the Peor and cause a plague in Israel. And they smite all the males and took captive the women of Midian and their young children and all their cattle and flock and all their wealth thhey took as spoiles. (31:7) And they burned their palaces in fire.

Moses however was angry with the commanders of the army.

As Moses said "Did you let every female live? Behold, they caused the children of Israel by the word of Balaam to commit a betrayal against God regarding the matter of Peor and the plague occurred in the assembly of God. The he commands the officers to kill all the women who could have had relations with men and young boys the only ones to spare would be young girls who could not have had relations with men. See 31:17-18.

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Happy birthday to SouthernBelle Rivky!!!

And thanks for commenting on my blog which has helped with my own idea's as idea's make a lot more sense after discussing them.

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The new census in Numbers 26. The Levites not counted because they have no inheritence.

Men  20 and over who go out to the legion are counted.  Totals are down a bit from 603,550 listed in numbers 2:32 to 601,730 in numbers 26:51. I think there is a space of about 39 years as this is now the end of the 40 years of wandering when they are soon to enter Israel and Moses is in his final days with both Aaron and Miriam already passed on. So the population has remained stable over these years not increasing but not decreasing either as they decreased by about 2,000. Haven't look at the tribe by tribe breakdown.

The main reason for the census does seem to be to allot land. As it says in numbers 26:53 Among these shall the land be apportioned as shares, according to the listed names with larger groups increase their shares with smaller groups reduce their share. So part oft this is to allot land.

Furthermore, it mentions why the Levites who actually serve a higher role in this case are not counted. That is because they are not allotted any shares in the land of Israel. (26:62) They were not part of the regular enrollment of the Israelites since no share was assigned to them among the Israelites. Also the counting of the Levites was counted all males at 1 month and up (Num 26:62) instead of 20 years and up as the normal census was.

In fact many of these ideas likely had to do with the idea of voting rights and giving it specifically to men over 20 or 21 who owned property. They didn't make it up on their own nor were they trying to oppress women. It was based on this biblical concept that they read that men who have property and serve in the Legon are counted when 20 and over and them not knowing everything themselves thought following the biblical ideas make sense in letting men over 20 who own property vote for who will lead them in both good times and bad times. And who will lead them to protect their own land and property and help keep law and order.

The daughters of Zelapchad and inheritence when there are no sons.

The story in Numbers Chapter 27 is quite interesting. It does show that God in general does view certain gender roles with each gender having different rights and protections. Regardless though they are not rigid to the point that they would end up hurting families in the end. Case in point is the Daughters of Zelphcad.

The new atitude towards Midain

After this treachery by Midian God did demand that Israel harass Midian(Numbers Chapter 26) for this action of seducing Jewish men. Pincheos was giving a covenant  of peace for killing the two leaders of this whole episode both the man and the woman. Which is interesting and just shows that true peace requires not showing compassion to those who try to push immoral behavior which of course they are doing to create conflict.

The daughters of Midian seduce Israelite men to worship the Baal Peur.

In Numbers 22:2-24 Balak sends Biliam to curse the people of Israel and Biliam ends up blessing them to the utter disgust of Balak who wanted a curse. As Biliam told Balak he could not say only what God told him to say.

Having gone through Balak tried a different tactic which worked to some degree. And this was to seduce Jewish men to worship the Baal peor. This worked as God became angry because of this 24,000 died in this plague. And the male leaders were told to kill the men involved in this.

Pinchas was up to the task as he killed a man worshiping this God along with the Midianite woman who he killed as well.

25:6-9 6. Behold! A man of the children of Israel came and brought a Midianite woman near to his brothers in the sight of Moses and in the sight of the entire assembly.
7.Pinhehas son of Eliazer son of Aaron the Cohen saw and he stood up from the assembly and took a spear in his hand 8. He followed the Israelite man into the tent and pierced them both the Israelite man and the woman into her stomach and the plague was halted from the children of Israel. 9. Those who died in the plague were 24,000.

Two more video's on the Leiby Kletzky murder by this monster.

Here are two more video's discussing some of the issues related to this horrible murder by this very sick man.

The Clip broke off to my Sansa Clip+

It is a full featured MP3 player that is also great for podcasts. But the clip broke off. Have had it for 9 month. Gong to see if I can get it replaced since I have a one-year warranty on it and clearly it isn't from abuse that it came off. Still fully functional except I can't clip it to my belt. It is a great little MP3 player that is very reasonably priced. 

Interview with Yacov German the man who helped capture the child murderer of an 8 year old boy Leiby Kletsky.

An interview with Yaakov German. LIsten to the Audio in this article.

The man who cracked the Leiby Kletsky Murder Case

He deserves a lot of credit for his work and wanted the child to get a proper burial which is very noble and he is a real hero in this case. Although he shouldn't say God put these ideas in his head as God gave his the ability to use his brain to do good. It is so sad that Rabbis continuue to claim that men can't use their own thinking ability and have to go to them for everything which they have the right to make up their own rules but the rest of us don't. It is a horrible story and this guy should get the death penalty. No question about it. Listen to the audio in this article which was a 7 minute interview with Steve Malzberg of WOR. He did mention that he taught his own son if he got lost or needed help to go to a store and ask someone in the store for help who works in the store rather then just a stranger on the street.

Update: Another interesting aspect is the Jew vs. Jew aspect of this as the monster who did this was also a Jew who prayed in synagogues. 

My fathers family. The good and the bad.

My father did call me on Thursday to wish me a happy birthday as I had thought he was upset and that was why he didn't call me but said his numbers were deleted and my cell phone number is fairly recent so I can accept that as it seemed like he was happy to call me.

It got me thinking about my fathers family which sadly other then my father I have almost no relationships with any one on my fathers side of the family. Which for Rabbinic Judaism today that is what they promote. To hate your father and his family as only the mother matters and relatives behave this way as well. In some ways people tell me I resemble my mother more but so what. Therefore I am the enemy.

But these are my thoughts on my fathers family which for good or for bad I am suppose to continue the line and hopefully some woman will help me do that. My Grandfather grew up in Hungary and moved here during the socialist Hungarian revolution in the late 1950's. My father came here and was only 13. But when they lived in Hungary my Grandfather bribed the school my parents went too so they wouldn't have to go to school on Saturday as they were required to do this. Which in that regard my family all keep the Shabbath.

On the negative side though my family will put ritual behavior above morality and in addition they mostly support to show women love they have to hurt other men and always take the woman side regardless of what she does. I do get the sense that my Grandfather did not marry a woman of virtue which is a shortcoming of him as well. She had 4 children the oldest a girl and after that three boys and the oldest girl is especially very much with this idea of getting pleasure out of hurting men and men who do this kind of thing of hurting men who are easy targets. And her oldest also a girl also gets pleasure out of harshness towards men. The worst thing is she is now very ill with advanced Parkinson (my Grandmother) and can't do anything and my Aunt calls me and acts like she is doing an honor to visit her in this state with no sense of this is horrible in any sense. No person should feel proud of visiting their father or mother when completely helpless. The whole attitude has led me to believe that she didn't promote morals in her children and my Grandfather didn't look for the right qualities in a woman even though in regards to keeping Shabbos in that area he was very careful. That is all I have to honestly say in looking at this as hopefully I can make some amends for the sins of my family which I myself may be punished to some degree as it does say there is punishment up to the 4th generation which I wonder if that includes all sides of your family or just your fathers side since you have to preserve his name.

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This week was the bible reading I read at my Bar MItzvah. Numbers Chapter 25:10-30:1

Which is good timing as my birthday was Wednesday. My hebrew birthday was about the same day as I turned 38 and the hebrew calender has a 19 year cycle (the imperfect one created by Hillel) as they used the year being 365 1/4 days which the year is slightly shorter then that. The result is that holidays now are about 10 days later then they were 1900 years ago which the day 1900 years ago should be the same but instead you will see it is 10 days earlier which at some point will be a problem. Hillel of course used the science of the time. I was brainwashed to believe that this idea was from Mount Sinai from the "oral' torah but that is nonsense and sadly not giving credit to the scientist who had a good idea of how long the day was but it was approximated to 365 1/4 days which it isn't which is why in some century years 2100,2200,2300 there will  be no leap day in the solar calender but in the years that the first two numbers are divisible by 4 there is a leap year which is the year 2000 and 2400. At some point we will have to add 10 days to the hebrew calender. The church actually uses the solar equinox for when they celebrate Easter which is if it isn't after 12 month from the last Easter they add a month.

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Happy 7/11 day.

Didn't buy a Slurpee today. But happy 7/11 day regardless. Tired from work today. 

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Sticking with my two current jobs.

I looked up the President of this possible job(is this isn't a company with multiple owners) . Made one error as they have 30 employees. But he has a very unique name and looked him up on Facebook. The fact none of his top 5 people mentioned on his site did not mention one word of anything personal seemed odd. And that he needed a female lawyer as his top 5.  Anyway one of the activities this guy supports is Stiletto Spy School. Which is a woman empowerment school. Which actually I think women should know self defense and I wish I knew some self defense but regardless nobody should think male or female that because they know self defense they are indestructible and can combat any person. It is just crazy and dangerous to have such hubris.

Due to the sin of the parents the children are not allowed into Israel until the parents all died.

Numbers 14:33 Your children will roam in the wilderness for forty years and bear your guilt until the last of your carcasses in the wilderness. 

This is interesting. As God could have just said the parents won't be allowed into Israel but the children can go without the parents. Yet God did not allow the children in until all the parents passed away. It does seem to suggest that God DID NOT want the children to live in Israel by leaving their parents behind. Living in Israel is great but don't move away from your parents to do this. Either this or that to some degree the children could not benefit by the parents sin by people able to leave their parents in the desert and not have to care for them when they get old. It is very interesting.  Of course today we have planes to get far quickly but living far away from your parents is a big expense. But to move to Israel to live far away from your parents may not be so simple. Same thing with people who divorce and then move their children to Israel to get away from the ex. In this case I certainly think is bad especially is by doing this you can teach the child to hate the other parent.

What are your thoughts on this.

Have another possible job not sure if I should move forward with?

Started a job last week with Blue Cross that is for 3 month but could go longer. It seems to be going ok. Also working one day for another job that he really told me when I took the job at Blue Cross that two days a week would be best.  I got earlier but they are paying me as an independent contractor and promise me 40% of new clients they get which sounds good but at the moment they are paying me not so great and as an independent contractor.

The death of Miriam and Aaron

Just catching up here. In Numbers 20 as this was read last week both Miriam and Aaron die. When Miriam dies the well stops giving water to which Moses and Aaron err and hit the rock instead of speaking to the rock and they are both punished by not being allowed to Israel as they along with Joshua and Caleb were going to be allowed into Israel. Which gets to Miriam. Apparently she was not allowed into Israel either. I would this is because her husband was part of the sin of the spies even though she had other merits in being the older sister of Moses that the well stopped giving water after her death which would seem the connection is there with her being the older sister of Moses. 

And Aaron as well dies to which the people mourn 30 days. This seems that the people deep down did love and respect his leadership that they mourned 30 days for him despite at times not heading him.

Korach and their households consumed.

Because of Korach's sins his family also seemed to have been punished including the children. Unless I guess the wife got out or left when they saw what they were up to. Otherwise they were punished as well as it says the earth opened its mouth and swallowed them up with their households. (16:32). Which it says in 16:27 that Datan and Aviram come out at the enterence of their tents with their wives and children and little ones.

Moses understands true leadership as he tells God that he has not taken from others.

Unlike religious leaders of today who feel no matter what they do you should do as they say. Moses in Numbers 16:15 does appeal to God in response to the behavior of Korach and their rebellion and says in numbers 16:15: "Pay no regard to their oblation, I have not taken the ass of any one of them, not have I wronged any one of them." Clearly Moses understands that if someone is wrong by him they clearly will have a legit gripe against him and will not listen to him and it is not something he should expect especially as a leader that abuses his power to take from someone else. But here clearly this was not the case as Korach and his followers were just rebelling against legitimate leadership established by God and by a man that did not use his leadership to take from others. In fact a few passages before Korach shows his agenda of jealousy towards Moses and Aaron legitimate leadership and roles by claiming that God took them out of a land of milk and honey which actually is completely false as Egypt was a land of slavery for the Jews and I guess they would rather be slaves to Pharoh then have Moses legitimate leadership which shows how twisted they were.

Our wives and children will be carried off! Comment made by the men yet the women were also punished.

This was a comment made in Numbers 14:3. Why is the Lord taken us to that land to fall by the sword Our wives and children will be carried off.

Clearly these are comments made by men. Yet the only people God exempted from the punishment that was soon to be given was Caleb and Joshua and anyone under 20 (see numbers 14:29).

The sin of the spies who checked out the land of Israel.

Before they were set for conquest of this land from these other nations who were to be expelled due to their serious sins mentioned in prior bible readings.

They sadly came back with a bad report that scared the people and they then spoke out against God. To which Caleb turned this into a positive saying we shall overcome it (Numbers 14:30).

They also failed to see the fact that the land was devouring its settlers meaning that people were dying there that this may have been part of the sign that God was not with the nations that currently lived in Israel but the other 10 spies didn't take it that way. (Numbers 14:32).

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Although don't think it is for good reasons but is good that NASA is not being funded

I think Obama is doing this because he thinks that government control is good and leaving it to the private sector would hurt them. So his intentions are bad but they have done little of anything that has really helped us in any way. Just hype.

In fact before NASA on August 24th, 1960 a US satellite had yielded pictures of 1.5 million square feet of Soviet Territory.

The fact they have to claim inventions that happened before NASA like Teflon and Velcro that had actually been around for decades that weirdly they want to take credit for. And the people on these flights do very little unlike a pilot of a jet as Chuck Yeager commented.

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Happy July 4th to everyone,

It is America's 235th birthday from the signing of the declaration of independence to be independent from England. Sad to hear only 60% know all of this. Don't think this bodes well for the future.

More on the Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism. Federal Highways.

Another interesting issue brought up was "Public roads". In the 1950's Eisenhower built the federal highway system that you have roads from East to West and North to South. You have Route 80 that goes from Teaneck, NJ all the way to San Francisco, CA. So what could be bad about that. Well for one thing this road goes through some area's that are in the middle of no where just to have a cross country road. The cost for upkeep is very high which taxpayers have to pay for. Also it has led to the devaluation of cities in that if you move to the suburbs the government is subsidizing the roads  and subsidizing suburban life rather then you or people who move to the suburbs paying to have good roads. This has led to the lowering of city real estate which has led to most cities losing population. New York City the book did mention is the one unique exception to this. Sadly the subsidized interstates did lead to a massive devaluation of urban and inner city real estate according to this writer which is you go to Northern Philly or Central Detroit you see this which he feels the public transportation with people moving to the suburbs and not having to pay for their own roads since it was paid for by the government led to massive devaluation and at the end of the day leads to these long commutes to work that people have and of course towns are just there because they are near the public interstate. 

The first paved highway and the first turnpike were privately built. Even the NYC subway system has it's origins in private enterprise Charles Harvey's West side and Yonkers patent railroad co. built the first mass-transit train in the city and other competitors soon followed suit. (pg. 199). 

Enjoying this book the Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialsim. "Public Roads and Woodrow Wilson"

Really enjoying this book. Especially as an accountant. It is hard to believe that in 1914 only 96 years ago 99% did not pay income tax. The law started in 1912. Those "dark ages". The top rate was 7% for those making over 500,000. Which of course nobody thought at some point all of us would be paying taxes. The major federal job at the time was the post office as there were only 402,000 federal government workers. But Wilson was the big on expanding government according to the author of this book.

DSK case unraveling. Sound like the rape charge was made up. DSK no longer under house arrest.

Not really a surprise to me. He is a socialist which always takes money from others and he was a womanizer but that doesn't make him a rapist. He has other problems but let us deal with that.

Michael Savage was really on top of most of the issues here on his show aired last Friday July 1st, 2011.