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Susan B. Anthony 600,000 men are drunkards. Wanted "Social Purity Laws".Ban Alcohol

Also felt marriage should be a luxury as this is what she said on Speech on Social Purity.
"Marriage, to a women as to men must be a luxury not a necessity." Speech on "Social" Purity.

This woman Susan B. Anthony seems like a humorless, control freak that wanted to blame men for everything and not allow them to do anything that gives them any pleasure. She wanted to ban alcohol and have her own "social purity laws". She sounds like a female taliban type. Alcohol seen as an absolute evil when any society it has it's place. And furthermore, alcohol does not make someone abusive. It just breaks down someones inhibitions and in moderation there is nothing wrong with it and the bible finds it has it's place as only a Nazir abstained from wine in Numbers 6:1. You wonder what would be next for her. Is anything that gives men some enjoyment to be banned by Susan B. Anthony. She wanted to created her own so called "social purity laws" which all was directed at those evil disgusting men.

I just mention this because it disgusts me that some so called pro life people use her when clearly she was and is a vicious man hater and it is ironic that both men and women that hate the opposite gender with such venom at the end of the day are humorless control freaks and are very similar to each other in both genders. Here is more of what she had to say.

(In her speech, after naming alcohol abuse as a major social evil and estimating that there are 600,000 American men who are drunkards, Anthony describes how liquor traffic extends "deep and wide into the financial structure of the government" and that it must be fought with "one earnest, energetic, persistent force."[23] She continues:
"The prosecutions on our courts for breach of promise, divorce, adultery, bigamy, seduction, rape; the newspaper reports every day of every year of scandals and outrages, of wife murders and paramour shooting, of abortions and infanticides, are perpetual reminders of men's incapacity to cope successfully with this monster evil of society."[23]
Later in the speech, Anthony mentions abortion again:
"The true relation of the sexes never can be attained until woman is free and equal with man. Neither in the making nor executing of the laws regulating these relations has woman ever had the slightest voice. The statutes for marriage and divorce, for adultery, breach of promise, seduction, rape, bigamy, abortion, infanticide—all were made by men."[23])
 My comments: So let me get this straight. This man hater who blames all ills on men and feels if women were in the public sphere the world would be better which sadly hasn't proven true for women or for men for that matter. In addition Susan claims MAN made these laws. Well actually many of the laws were based on the bible. Men didn't make them up.  Have women done anything to stop any of these ills being on the public sphere. Not really. In fact it seems more women are mistreated not less and women actually care less about other women unless it is a friend or close associate then men care about women who they don't know personally.

It is pathetic though that people that call themselves "Pro Life" would support someone that feels marriage and the creation of life (which is one of the benefits of marriage) is a luxury.  And that woman who claim to be "conservative" support such a hateful woman who wasn't conservative in any way yet our good at being sneaky which is so frightening.

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