Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The Sotah and the drinking of the bitter war and God intervening.

This is the only case (read Number Chapter 5) of God intervening as in all other cases we have to use witnesses and man (used generically here)  to find if someone is guilty of innocent.

If a man suspects his wife of being unfaithful the Cohen makes her drink this water saying that she will not be harmed if innocent but will be if guilty and these words being put on a scroll and erased in the water.

As to why this was needed. I guess A. A man trusting his wife is so basic for themselves and their children and B. Behavior of this type is by nature very private where witnesses would be unlikely. Because of this God directly intervenes using this process if there are no witnesses.

Of course some will accuse this bible as they always do as being sexist and a male dominated book. As shouldn't this be done if a woman suspects her husband. The reason is I think is because a woman can get pregnant and the issues presented above would cause a man to work for another mans child which is not fair to the man. In a case with a man it doesn't force the woman to work for another woman's

Also the bigger context of this chapter which discusses the biggest issue of being spiritually pure as it says anyone with a Zav emission, (which are emission of semen by a man and when a woman menstruates) and also touching a dead body and leprosy both male and female had to be expelled from the camp as it wasn't just physical strength that they needed and all these also create hostility between people which also is not good for us to defend ourselves no matter how strong one individual may be.

It does seem this would include many people who have these impurities but I guess the purpose is for sexuality to be used for it's proper purpose which is to bring children into the world and not just for ones pleasure (and that is for both genders when their sexuality should be used for this higher purpose)  without it's higher purpose which also causes one to lose respect for the other gender if sexuality has no responsibility attached to it when engaging in it with the opposite gender.

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