Sunday, June 26, 2011

Some Karaites Jews seem to be against feminism.

I found this article.

Who is a Jew

Update: I did email this group and have not received a response which makes me wonder if this is just a piece to avoid criticism. I told them about Nehamiah Gordon and his feminist family. Click Here Further some things in this article are absurd and crazy and I know this concept of overcompensation when people really are weak in an area they say crazy things at the other extreme so you don't realize the true situation but say such absurd things you think they are crazy and stupid which they are not. They just have something to hide. Charles Darwin a Jew??? The article just says extreme things lumping different people together which may be intentionally because they don't want to be seen as credible in this area because THEY DO support feminism and undermining other men who are a threat to their own power which is what feminism is about.

I don't agree with many Rabbinic positions including this insane "blessing' that men say among others. However, clearly the bible is very Patriarchal and Devorah and Miriam doesn't change that as some Karaites claim and promote "equality" in the public sphere as if that was the case the five books of Moses should have set an example of this which it didn't. Miriam didn't have the same role as Aaron and Moses. She didn't speak to the Jewish people regarding the laws which Aaron and Moses did. It does say she was a Prophetess but that may have been in different area's then Aaron and Moses. Sarah and Rebecca had prophecies about their children that Abraham and Issac were not aware of. But this is a different area then what the men knew. This weeks bible reading shows this clearly. (Numbers 19:1) "God spoke to Moses and Aaron saying. This is the ritual law that the Lord has commanded". No where do I see Miraim here.

Anyway I found this article when I typed feminism and Karaites. Of course my posts came up. I find this to be a little be too much filled with rhetoric that may be further then I would go (as Rabbis adopting feminism was learned from other cultures and religions including Christianity by the way although I do think Rabbinic Judaism is the most feminist of the major religions I know) but it is good to see that some Karaites seem to be aware that feminism is not consistent with the bible. Which it isn't and the book feminists hate the most is the bible which they think was just made by men who wanted to control women no matter how much Rabbis of the Rabbinic or Karaite sect  try to pretend otherwise. Anywhere here is the link which of course it is more then just who your father. is. 

Who is a Jew

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