Saturday, June 25, 2011

Neheiah Gordon's and his family. Their religion is feminism not Judaism of "any" kind.

Real Karaites (as I have found some who are not feminists) really are going to have to do something about this "man" Nehemiah Gordon and I use the term very loosely here. This is the latest of his posts on Facebook.

Comment by NG:
Unfriending all the people who signed this petition against me. Friends like that I don't need.

(My comments: boo-hoo, Nehemia. This petition "Karaites advising Nehamiah Gordon" was very tame and has some legit concerns. Nehemiah though seems to be very thin skinned of ANY criticism which he is a public figure and doesn't even address one word of it.Just ban anyone who doesn't bow down to him)

Here is another recent comment where at the end of the day it is extreme feminists that are always the people NG turns to for defense.

Check out what Elizabeth Grace Frank-Backman, one of my mother's friends and a real Jew who lives in Jerusalem just posted on my author wall:

(My comments: His mothers friend Elizabeth Grace Frank-Backman (is this a husband and wife or I guess the roles are reversed for feminists) is a woman-man who supports Lilth magazine, woman of the wall, and also the feminist view of Domestic Violence. But she is a "REAL JEW" according to NG. His mother of course is the wife of a Rabbi, his father. So his mother is a big feminist as is likely his father. As is NG. No wonder they get along fine even though his father is a number of generations a Rabbi and NG supposedly rejects this. Because the real religion these men support is feminism which like most male feminists who push the issue it is for everyone else but not them as his father is in an all male profession of Rabbis and NG is in a profession that also all the leaders seem to be men. It seems the reason NG supports this is he is afraid of competition from other men and losing his role which his father was likely the same way. I think it is about time some of the Karaites who don't support feminism at least recognize this is the biggest problem of NG. Feminism. Which his family have been supporters of as his mother the Rebtezin is a supporter of feminism and her good friends are feminists the "TRUE JEWS".)

Here is another post by NG. Which he doesn't have a problem with this. I'm sure his mother and father don't either because all three of them their religion is feminism. NG has nothing to say other then posting it. That means he has no problem with it. The guy is a complete phony and has no respect for the bible as Deborah didn't use any women in the military. NG posted this link.

Orna Barbivai becomes first female IDF general
Maj.-Gen. Barbivai: “Im proud to be the first woman to be major general and part of organization in which equality is a central principle.”

Enough said. Please. Karaites are going to have to do something about this man Nehemiah Gordon. Look up his facebook page, his author and his personal page and you find this. Around the date of today June 25th, 2011.

Update: Also this comment of unfriending people had about 50-55 women liking it and only 25-30 men liking it of the 81 that liked it. So he has little respect from other men as 65-70% to this was by women.

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