Tuesday, June 07, 2011

My mothers good friend used to physically abuse her male children when I was growing up.

She had 3 boys and like with my mother her first born son is not married (who I went to school with) although the two younger ones are. My mother accidentally called me up this morning and she thought I was this mothers husband.

Anyway I remember as a kid that she would get angry at her 2nd son 12 years old at the time(not my friend) and hit him and use physical force that he would be crying afterwords.

She did this when other people when in her home which shows the level of depravity. To be fair my mother wasn't much better which I guess is why they are friends. My mother use to scratch me, push me. pull my hair out. and go completely crazy at me when I was 10 years old. She didn't know how to really fight or beat me up till I needed to be hospitalized or something  but what she did created an atmosphere of not questioning and being afraid of her crazy rages and maybe one time not just pushing me. Completely not appropriate especially for so called "religious people".

Not to the point of being beaten to a pulp but still completely inappropriate. 

This "friend" of hers also set me up with a relative with no communication skills and lying about her age for no real reason as if "friends' do this who knows about enemies.

In the Orthodox world this acceptable behavior for mothers to use physical behavior and force and intimidation to their pre- adolescent boys and frighten then that you will go crazy if you don't do what you say without question. 

After all Judaism is a sexist religion so what better way then to take out on 12 year old boys. Jewish men have been beating up Jewish women for centuries so to take out on 12 year old boys who happen to be your own son. Makes sense!!!

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