Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Michael Savage show yesterday May 31st, 2011 on False accusations.

It really was an interesting show yesterday. You can listen  to the podcast on talk radio network if you pay $6 a month. Or you can listen on you tube. I uploaded the first hour above. The first 2 hours he had callers discussing false accusations.
From a man who said that he didn't allow an underage woman into a bar and was accused of sexual assault to get back at him, to guys in divorce cases being accused of sexual molestation, and also one woman called that she was working in a juvenile jail and the male inmates accused her of sexual molestation. Also a lawyer discussed a Pittsburgh man who was a school therapist accused falsely.

In addition a man called said that the Feds give matching funds to any sexual abuse case so they keep it going with little evidence so town and city's can get money from the Feds.

Savage is correct. This is out of control. The law should be if you make a false accusation you should face the penalty that the accused would face. This would stop this false charges. They don't even apologize.

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SouthernBelle Rivky said...

I agree there should be penalties for false charges. I mean filling a false police report and perjury are crimes too. Defamation of character and slander. There's probably several other crimes as well I don't know what to call it. I don't hear about those charges being pushed when false accusations are found out.

The problem I see is if the accused did really commit the crime but did not get convicted. People get off on legal technalities. The police handling evidence sloppy isn't the victim's fault. Or more commonly gets convicted on a lesser charger, sometimes largely unrelated to the crime. Like drug charges or some civil statue. Look at how Al Capone was caught in the end.

This would be very unfair if the victim (could be a man or a woman) not only didn't see justice, but then is open to being liable theirself. I don't know a law can be written so these scenarios can be prevented.