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The women that didn't received a get for 48 years? Is this was it seems.

I have heard horrible stories of harassment of men who in some cases actually did give a get. But the women doesn't want to accept it because she wants the man to be harassed and the so called male Rabbis have no problem calling landlords and employment to harass another man. Could this be the case here? Don't know much about this case to be fair.

Some of these so called religious men that enjoy harassing men are just untalented hacks that most men don't respect so I think they get sadistic pleasure out of getting back at men for not bowing down to them and respecting them which they think they are entitled to which really doesn't make them much different then the evil Haman I'm sorry to say. But this is where some of these so called male Jewish leaders are. I believe it because in other areas I have experienced similar behavior. Here is a site dealing with this especially the comminity of Passaic.

Passaic corruption in divorces

I don't agree in that secular courts should not be used in general 

since in most cases this country is not going to punish you because you are Jewish but in this specific instance of laws based on using Soviet Union style tactics that hate the biblical idea of marriage in that situation we should not turn to authorities that will use these tactics in which they clearly would view any person who believes in any part of the bible as evil and oppressing women and that includes women who will be seen as mentally ill and illogical if they don't understand that the bible is a book that allow men to abuse women which they have been doing since the beginning of time.

But anyway this story in which he has given a Get but the wife refuses to take it and she therefore can continue to have Rabbis harass him which he says they have done. Where they call landlords they call his place of employment all to make his life a living hell even though he did give her a get which she doesn't want to take because she likes this harassment of him which would end once she takes the get. The so called male Rabbis as well seem to get pleasure and glee out of doing this that they ignore the well known fact he has given a Get. They enjoy harassing helpless men.  These sick ORA Rabbis wouldn't know to do with themselves if they couldn't spend part of their day harassing Jewish men that aren't part of their little club. I myself in my own situation have also seen people in my own family not respect my own ability to work and some privacy so I have no reason to believe this isn't true from my own experiences as to just abuse a man to the point he can't do anything in life does go on due to the horrible possibility of any kind of Patriarchy. 

This brings me to this story of this woman that was an Agunah for 48 years Susan Zinkin that her husband just passed away. It doesn't pass the smell test to me as some Orthodox group would help her . Who would in the end find a problem with this if a person tried for a peiod of time to do things using the Rabbis but was unsuccessful. In my own life after 10 years trying to deal with Orthodoxy in some areas I myself have given up as even Abraham after 10 years of trying to have children with Sarah they decided a different way of possibly having children. She didn't live in Afghanistan. It just doesn't make sense she would let the Rabbis (and this being all of them)  hold her hostage for 48 years as if none would help her . Also I worked with a woman who had 2 kids was a widow very early in life and seemed to have no interest in getting remarried and this is not uncommon at all in this day and age. Suddenly women want to get married when in any other situation they feel marriage is oppressive and a system that lets men abuse women.

Don't know all the facts but that this women claims that her ex-husband engaged in "emotional abuse' by taking the child to Israel which she now lives in Israel interestingly. The irony is much "emotional abuse" is done to men in divorce so I wonder if this is just partly projection of her own emotional abuse to her ex and this was all to get back at him for legit or perceived wrongs. There may have been some wrongs which this women wanted to get back 1,000 times for which is wrong. It seems very possible to me as that she was given a Get but didn;'t want to take it because she had no interest and no real need to get remarried in today's times but could use this to continue to harrass the ex plus to gain sympathy for the cause which the Rabbis fully support by the way exaggerating this issue because they want as much power over other men as possible and using fake trumped up stories they can gain even more absolute power that they already have.I just don't sense real anger here at the Rabbis. It seems more like she likes the Rabbis just for this small little thing of being an Agunah for 48 years. which doesn't add up to me and that they both share this use of false agunah's to harass men.

Obviously there is he said-she in this but it doesn't add up from what I know that some women are refusing to take a get so they can continue to harass a man which they and the Rabbis get some sadistic pleasure in doing. It isn't about money even. It is just continue to harass a man and make his life that has no freedoms to work or even life in an apartment. Doing this doesn't even help the women in any way which isn't the issue. The issue is all patriarchy is evil except when it affects a Rabbis ability to support his own family.

It also is interesting that the only people the Rabbis demand mikvah for is "married women". Even though impurities apply to unmarried women and men but I think this is a way to keep taps on which men are not loyal to the Rabbis through the Rebetzin who runs the mikvah since they don't want a husband telling her that the Rabbi is less then perfect. Just some food for thought as the bible does say not to be jealous of another man's wife as God understands human nature better then any of us do. And some Rabbis do get sadistic pleasure of kicking men when they are down to make some immoral women happy and are addicted to this sick behavior because they are jealous of men that may end up with a better marriage and relationship with their wife then they have.

Any comments or more details about this case since there is very little detail about this case that I see which also leads me to be suspicious as I would like to know more about it if it is true.

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