Saturday, June 18, 2011

Karaite Judaism and Feminism does seem to be a serious problem. (as is the case of Rabbinic Judaism)

Karaites seem to have had a problem with feminism and in this regard as a few others are not following the bible but their own heart and their own lust for power.

Every religion seems to think the other religion abuses women. People even think their own men abuse women who aren't in positions of leadership. I use to think Jewish men abuse their wives and of course none of those were Rabbis. Most studies show abuse is not a one way street and some abuse by men is exactly in response to women started up with them.

Anyway, the Karaites that this to a new level by seeming to claim that they are the only ones that treat women with respect. And claiming Rabbinic Jews legally discriminate against women. The bible in some ways discriminates against women so it is a silly argument. We all know discriminate is a loaded word anyway.
And some of their claims are true but to say therefore overall they discriminate against woman is simply not true.  For example it is true that Rabbis wrongly don't let women testify. But for the most part if a woman makes any accusation she is believed without any evidence so actually this limitation is used against men. Of course they want to overprotect women but if a woman sees a murder it is important the she be allowed to testify.

But religion goal is not to save women or for the male leaders to think that is their goal. In fact man has sinned by putting their love of women above God. Going back to the sin of Adam. Furthermore, the bible did tell us to not have mercy on the women of our enemies in Israel. This idea that some men have that they can save women and mold them into what they want is so arrogant and actually it is they who have contempt. In fact in a number of situation God was angry with Israel  because they wanted to show compassion for women of our enemies.

Sadly though Karaites going against God think  they love women while everyone else doesn't and going around with this egotism. When I made a post about this that I don't agree or think it is appropriate to try to attract women by feminist type methods 3 guys over came to show what I feared and their hatred actually of other men and being unable to debate with another man and putting down other men as the sole reason for a problem and then claiming otherwise and refusing to be able to have a debate with another man. And denying. One guy wanted to put down Chareidim men because they don't work and he had compassion for the Chareidim women when they are tired and worn out. But I know some women want men that don't work so they control the finances. So they are part of the problem. He then gave a double talk response that yeah everyone deserves blame but the men create it which is not really true (a few men did but not all and they couldn't do this with some women supporting this) and is really blaming all the men for this. At some point I stated he has some hatred towards Chareidim. He then said he doesn't hate Haredim only their lifestyle which yeah I have heard that one before. OK. I said I think there is some real hate to just target the men. His response is completely crazy to say well yes I hate them all the time as if all hate is equal. There are different levels of hate which I mentioned that I think he had some hate to which he blows completely out of proportion. He also got upset when I generally said I don't like attacking behind someones back. To which he got upset as this was a comment partly directed at him but also was a general comment and didn't mention him by name. Also mentioned their double standard of being so sensitive to criticism when being very critical of Rabbinic Judaism and feeling they have the right to criticize when they want.  Being Stubborn is a treat we Jewish people have but in this case it is being used in the wrong way.

As I said in this conversation there are things to dislike about Chareidim and I myself dislike many behaviors Chareidim.  Just you're way of going about it is wrong. He wants to attack others and then claim well he has no hate. Wants it both ways and takes no responsibility for what comes out of his mouth. 

I ended it finally by saying I do feel bad for your wife (he is married) in that she likely has to walk on eggshells as you can never admit you are wrong and even if she says something of a general character flaw you will blow up and think it is about you. Although I don't think she is a victim as I can see she likely liked a man that always thinks badly about other men and if they saying anything he will blow it up into worse then what it says instead of being able to take criticism.

A movement like that will never work. They won't be able to attract Jewish women (the Rabbi way of feminism is better. At least if a man doesn't give a divorce they support beating him up. That is more attractive then just nulifying the contract although when I see how much Karaite male leaders hate other men not sure they wouldn't abuse this. In general contracts can't be nullified unless there is a major breach which the contracts. They had the case of a basketball player choking a coach. That violated the contract.
So I would think anyway this power would have be serverly limited by Karaites as not to be abused and used against men they don't like.

Then two other men who joined this weren't any better. In fact one guy called me retarted for some splitting hairs about something I said. He is not a Karaite but his friends with them and supports them and said so they are his brothers but he isn't "officially a Karaite I guess". They would do this to other men do to undermine them make insane arguments that are nothing but legalistic BS and splitting hairs about rather then deal with the main issue being raised.  Then trying to take cowardly debating tactics like I am not a Karatie which really doesn't matter because here you support their position.

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