Monday, June 13, 2011

Karaite insights and Exodus 21:22-25 of coliding with a pregnant women.

This was very interesting. It is very interesting in general. Karaite insights. Here is the article on eye for eye which also gets into pregnant woman one of the cases where it uses the term life under a life as it does extra hebrew word "Tachat". And here by the way it clearly would not mean literally because this is manslaughter and not even murder that you would be if this premeditated where you would be liable for your own life but it uses the hebrew letter Lamed. Anywhere here is this link to this whole discussion. Eye for Eye

Anyway part of this gets into the issue regarding a pregnant women and the way he translates it is different then what it says in most Jewish bibles. But when I read the hebrew his translation as it says you collide and the child goes out and she gives birth and there is no death the way most translations is that this must have been a miscarriage but the mother didn't die but I don't know. A miscarriage usually isn't usually known right away is it. Although the problem with that logic is why should he have to pay the husband. I guess maybe because it caused the baby to be born premature.

Here is his translations from the article.

Exodus 21:22-25: “[22] And if two men fight and they injure a pregnant woman, and her baby is born rather than die, then [the offender] will certainly pay monetary compensation as determined by the woman’s husband and approved by the courts. [23] And if the baby does die, then you must take a life for a life. [24] An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a hand for a hand, a foot for a foot, [25] a burn for a burn, a wound for a wound, and a blow for a blow.”

Actually in his translation that he injured the pregnant woman and not the baby but if there is a death it uses this term life under life which this extra word seems to mean not literally life for life if there is a death of the baby or the mother as when it is really life for life it doesn't use the word under but for a life which in hebrew is one letter before the word.  In this case the reason is obviously because this is manslaughter and not intentional which later on the bible discusses what should happen to someone who accidentally murders someone in a case of manslaughter and you don't get the death penalty.

Anyway this really sheds a new light on the fact that this is not suggesting that causing a woman to miscarry is not murder (which anyway is an absurd position because would anyone should suggest a woman that miscarries should be considered guilty of manslaughter. I think not!)  but that accidental murder of even a young baby is not the same as intentional murder.

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