Sunday, June 26, 2011

Is there an afterlife.

In this weeks bible reading it says Numbers 19:11. He who touches the corpses of any human being shall be impure for seven says 12. He shall cleanse himself on the 3rd and 7th day and then be clean. 13. Whoever, touches a corpse, the body of a person who has died and does not cleanse himself  defiles God's Tabernacle that person shall be cut off from Israel.

So clearly death is something bad. This idea that the next world is the "real world" was actually to deal with a very difficult life. Some will claim well why be good in this world is not for the next world? But actually if this is the main world we should want to do right for it's own sake not for some "other world".

Clearly the sin of Adam and Eve was that they would die and not live forever which in their case was for a long time and was brought down to 120 years which not coincidentally is about the maximum number of years a person can live in this world. No where in the five books of Moses does it talk about living for some after life. In fact all the rewards and punishments God mentions are "FOR THIS WORLD".

So I don't know if we are in a permanent sleep when we die. And that one day God will remove death from the world since at one point it wasn't part of the human condition. That part I don't know much about so if you could post where it talks about this would love to hear. Regardless it seems the main point is living in this world and not doing what is right in this world you will be exposed sooner or later in this world for doing evil although that may not happen right away.

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SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Well there really isn't much in the Torah except a few hints on afterlife and resurrection. I though this site was interesting for the purpose of the Torah and Mishneh quotes, though warning (I did say warning), some content is from a non-Orthodox rav.

On happier note, Have a good shabbos :) And Chodesh tov too. And Happy 4th of July!!!!

And if one isn't happy enough already, even though Tammuz is not a happy month for Jews, apparently that silly Jewish Astrology singles mixer that's floating around, Tammuz babies are. Since people born in July are super great according the class. So this is the month to check birthday rosters!!!!! hehehe