Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Happy Shavoath.

Tonight at least according to Rabbinic Judaism is the first night of Shavoath. According to the Karaite sect of Judaism they celebrate it on Sunday. The reason is pretty obvious. It says in Leviticus 23:15 that you should count after the Shabbath you bring the omer "seven full weeks" The hebrew is "Seven Shabbaths complete they should be". So if you start in the middle of one week that isn't a "full week". A full week is from Sunday to Saturday. And the work after Shabbos is pretty clear.

Rabbinic Jews start counting the omer on the second day of Passover for 49 days which starts in the middle of one week and ends in the middle of another week. 

Also the Rabbis made the calender that holidays never start (with the exception of Passover which happens rarely once in 20 years or so) on Sunday which is the day you can't do work. To do this they make the beginning of a new month a day after or before the "actual date of the new moon". So for whatever reason (maybe becuase of Christianity) Rabbis did not want holidays on Sunday even if that was when the holiday came out based on the new moon.  Shavoath though is not based on the new moon and instead if 7 full weeks after the Omer is giving. This would mean the holiday would always come out on Sunday which I guess Rabbis didn't want. But it makes some sense to have this holiday come out after the Sabbath which you would be in a better state of mind since it is a one day holiday then in the middle of a week.

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