Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy fathers day. Sad and immoral that in America so many children grow up without their father

Happy fathers day. It is sad that the government of the United States overall does feel fathers are competition to them being able to be a male influence on women.  They do need the woman vote. Sadly the most victimized are those poor and with few connections. And by going after men that can't defend themselves they claim they are "protecting women" from controlling men .  80% of so called deadbeat dads are actually men that are unemployed and broke. Which of course they can't pay a lawyer to get their support changed based on lower earnings or loss of job. They also can never go into business for themselves since earnings in that kind of job is up and down. Putting them in jail doesn't solve the problem but it guess it looks good to those who like to see the government getting really tough on men. Never mind that these men have likely done nothing to take from others.

The most horrible examples are with welfare in which women are penalized if they are married to a man and live with a man.

Of course doing this will likely keep the woman poor long term and dependent on the men in the government. But who is most hurt by this are children. Who I guess will also be taught that the men on the government is who you should trust. In fact racism clearly exists in this area when we have situation among African Americans where the majority are raised without fathers when back in the "dark ages" of the 1950's 80% of African American children were raised by both parents.

Many of the socialist divorce laws as well are creating a situation where man have to pay for children they can't see or see once in a while in a "supervised visit" simply because the woman wants a divorce and doesn't want a father involved. Sometimes it is the woman did something that she doesn't want the husband to find out so she has an easy way out. Divorce the guy and he won't find out.The reason I call it socialist is because it does not matter who made or inherited the money or to compensate the other person for wanting out of the marriage like if you want to get out of any other contract you have to buy the other person out. Yet here the woman wants the mans money and wants the divorce. She wants him to pay for her wanting out of the contract as if "he" violated the contract. Could we expect children raised in a home like that not to have serious problems where a woman can just take a mans money if she doesn't like something about him. And in most cases teach the children to hate the father for their own ego reasons which clearly the mother is teaching the children to violate the 10 commandments by slandering the father.

Anyway, happy fathers day. I hope the fathers do get the respect they deserve. It is interesting to note that some women at some point realized that the hatred they were taught about their fathers wasn't really true which hopefully at the end of the day those that deny the right to a parents for petty reasons the truth will come out at some point.

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