Sunday, June 19, 2011

God helps Moses with 70 Elders after the complaining for meat.

In Numbers 11:10-14 Moses is very distressed at the Israelite people complaining which Moses as well had his limits and his being upset God accepted because God was angry as well and Moses was just a man. This is what Moses said. For someone with difficult speech he speak well and eloquently here, Moses does.

11. And Moses said to the Lord Why have you dealt ill with your servant, and why have I not enjoyed your favor that you have laid the burden of all this people upon me. 12. Did I conceive all this people, did I bear them, that you should say to me, Carry them in your bosom as a nurse carries an infant to the land that you have promised an oath to their fathers 13. Where am I to get meat to give all this people when they whine before me and say "give us meat to eat 14. I cannot carry all this people by my myself for it is too much for me15. If you deal thus with me kill me rather I beg you and let me see no more of my wretchedness.

And God helps moses as
16: The the Lord said to Moses Gather for me seventy of Israel's elders of whom you have experience as elders and officers of the people and bring them to the tent of meetings.

And they were able to have prophecy as well. It shows that true leadership is difficult as it was for Moses and he needed help in this regard and could not do it alone.

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