Saturday, June 18, 2011

Decided to post on the Shabbos.

I've decided to post on the Shabbos. The reason is as follows:

A The purpose of Shabbos is to refrain from work and I go back to Exodus 35:2 "On 6 days you may work but on the 7th day shall be holy for you a complete Shabbos for God. Whoever does any work shall be put to death." If you know hebrew look at the hebrew as I did which I got the translation same as what Artscroll says. It is a day for God. Just spending the day reading stuff for yourself not related to work which is how I spend some of my Shabbos helps me but not others. IS THAT REALLY A DAY FOR GOD? I THINK IS A DAY FOR MYSELF. And then I have to share it on Sunday and this is making two days as Shabbos almost.

Sharing God's word and bigger issues above your work is the purpose and in this day and age part of that is done electronically. In addition I end up watching baseball because I get bored just caring about myself. It ends up not being a day for God at all. Of course also going to the synagogue or church or mosque on your day of rest is your way of giving the day to God although this is the male religious leaders version of God that he is sharing. This is my way of sharing and giving the day to God.

B. We aren't suppose to do things to prepare for our bodily needs and suppose to do in on Friday which is why we were given two portions of Mana on Friday keeping one for Saturday and in this case God performed a miracle that it didn't spoil which it usually did although Mana in general was a miracle that it didn't spoilt. Sharing ideas of the bible whether by talk or electronically is not the kind of "work" God meant.

   So for these two reasons I will be posting on Shabbos dealing with religious issues both positive and negative by the way. When I think someone is twisting the word of God I will say so and point it out as well.

   Also if you think I am wrong and am violating the Shabbos please post and tell me why as I do feel I am trying in my own way to give the day to God which otherwise the day is mostly focusing on myself and to not be that way I need Sunday to share some of the stuff which I feel is giving two days to God. God asked for one day, not two.


SouthernBelle Rivky said...

I think Mr. Adam was hoping for a big debate here. But not going to get it from me! Besides I already said the electicity issue makes no logical sense to me. I'm sure Mr. Adam gets this better, but I don't, so I just accept as is. I can deal with it being a fence or custom but like I said the whole electricity=fire, light switch=creative work argument doesn't work for me.

This really isn't out of the blue, Mr. Adam has been very honest in other posts and replies before about Shabbat and chagim. Kind of brave Mr. Adam comes out and says this. And I've never criticized, doing what you have to do for your own sanity and livihood when needed. In fact I make a point to say something nice when you've brought up in other posts, so you don't feel more lousy.

I do think you are disappointed and hurt than it being an intellectual break shabbat it out of spite because the rules are lame type situation. It not like Mr. Adam is going around flaunting women, embezzling, pushing old ladies into the street and doing other jerk behavior that hurts people. Instead Mr. Adam's idea of being a rebel is posting about Torah on shabbat. Mr. Adam just aching to share some Torah he doesn't want to wait until next day! :)

Really though you are just one example of what a lot of lonely people have to resort to. I could expand on that, but Mr. Adam probably say it off topic (you use to be more fun about tangents).

Hopefully soon Mr. Adam will have a family and he'll be too busy on Shabbat to be posting online :)

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

An acquaintance forwarded me this article, a tiny bit relevant.

And it's not just teenagers, either. I've seen plenty of such and more on the weekend outings I've gone too, out in the open. Not judging anyone, stuff like this happens. Times change even if the ravs don't.

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Oh also, since just in case I find myself out of range again tomorrow (guess that's the way to guarantee compliance hahaha :)

Have a good Shabbos!!!!!

My other thought on your post about the whole 'two days' bit at the end. Everyone can learn Torah every day and it's a mitzvah, not just on Shabbat. It isn't making shabbat less significant if your schedule works out that you post on Sunday or another day instead. But I get you want to post when/after you learn and have the available time, not necessarily another day, find time and have to recap yourself over what you just covered.

Again, I'm just bringing up for discussion purposes, I'm not picking you in any way. Shabbat shalom :)

Analytical Adam said...

Have a good Shabbos as well. I did want to comment on some of your recent comments and thoughts. I do think turning on a light was finishing a circuit which is like finishing a product. It also does produce heat the incandescent bulb although it really isn't a fire not can it create a fire. I don't think you can boil water with an incandescent bulb LOL.

Analytical Adam said...

The reality though is I guess the reason is because it is like lighting a light in the past but that argument doesn't hold water because we don't go to a well to get water today but we can flush a toilet. That is not considered work. I do think the fire issue has more to do with the fact of cooking with the context of the torah passages of the Mana and the fact that this guy was punished with the death penalty for gathering wood on Shabbos.

The reality is technology has made items that once were work no longer work and to pretend they are work I think are Rabbis trying to keep us in the past like most socialist entities as progress is a threat to their own influence.

When I went to Yeshiva in Israel in fact they do work in a strange way called in hebrew "shinoi" that somehow if you open a milk package (which in Israel you have to pry open) upside down or something then it is ok. If it was REAL WORK why would opening it up upside down be okay as this is so someone understand THIS IS CONSIDERED WORK.

So all the weird ways of getting at of certain laws for actions that no one would consider work in itself shows that they themselves don't consider it work. Whether it is a Goy or through doing it in a strange way.

I also have to admit at the end of the day to really follow these laws you really end up not being allowed to do anything. For example according to the Rabbis separating is considered "work". So many things fall into separating things. Even as a kid I use to play games with cards or word games where I used the cards to keep track of things instead of writing it down and seperating various cards.

Also I just think that for the laws of Shabbos to have the death penalty it has to be some real work which turning on a light switch as you said is not and this technology has saved us the work of having to set a fire for light. Which maybe the turn to burn a fire is more then just kindliing a fire with a light switch as well which also isn't much work.

To gather wood for a fire is work. To just turn on a light is not and neither is even just lighting a lighter.

Analytical Adam said...

In terms of people texting on Shabbos I don't know what to make of that but on a bigger issue some people have openly asked what happens if books become mostly e-books. So could you not read on Shabbos? Most admit there likely will be some adjustment if that happened. The purpose of the e-book is to make it like reading without having to store books. And the screen being much easier on your eyes unlike an LCD screen. Also, e-books are cheaper then physical books.

Analytical Adam said...

And yes you can talk about torah the rest of the week but that isn't your MAIN FOCUS. The torah says "six days you should work" so when you make another day to deal mostly with torah because you couldn't do it on Shabbos I think is an issue. Work is hard and we shouldn't rely on handouts from the government so we can focus on torah. We should work six says and Shabbos should be to discuss Godly things and not be focused on physical things but it isn't a day to just deny yourself based on arbitrary laws that at the end of the day a lot of the day is spent not giving the day to God but on activities that if you really analyze it they also in some way are violated one of the 39 malacha's that the Rabbis claimed we couldn't do.

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Mr. Adam is super smart bringing up finishing. I forgot about that one. I suppose lots of exceptions were also made along those lines once food became mass produced and placed into sealed containers that required getting into. And I'm sure you know about the original intent of haskama minyan was to accommodate a service for the many recent immigrants having to work on Shabbat or their families would starve. Had the rabbis taken a hard line approach, probably most of those folks would have left religion.

I find it wacky that everyone so concerned about that fridge lightbulb, but ignores the fact that just by opening the fridge, good chance the motor is triggers since cool is lost by opening the fridge. Yet that principle is remembered when using an oven--can only have it on warm setting since opening the oven triggers the heating element to replace the lost heat from opening.

What I meant about learn on other days wasn't to the exclusion of work or rest of life activities. Anyone could still learn for a few minutes or an hour (say instead of TV) and it not interfere with anything else. So nice to have good discussion with you :)

Analytical Adam said...

I didn't know that about Haskama minyan. You taught me something there and you can't blame people where for good or for bad the day of rest for most people in the United States was Sunday and unless you worked for someone who was also Jewish it would be a problem but at least you can keep Sunday as a day not to focus on work. The torah does say in Exile we would be forced in some ways to follow the religion of the country we were in. I do wonder if these stories of someone losing a job every week and finding another way on Sunday is really true or just legend because it doesn't make sense (unless the wife was working as a teacher in a Yeshiva or he got a large inheritance)or seem possible and our punishment for being in exile was the culture religious practices were somewhat different although they did have a day of rest but it was a different day.

In terms of torah this whole idea of "torah in some sort of isolation" like it is today goes against the whole idea of the Shema that you should talk about in you home and while traveling. It relates to everyday physical existence and the idea you have to isolate yourself to learn torah is in itself puting down the torah and the bible I think. Shabbos though is one day you do discuss torah outside of your normal physical existence.

Another items that is impossible not to violate is the Rabbinic melacha of "selection". Just playing any board game you are doing some selection which I violated every Shabbos as a kid.

I will say in my own environment though it was good I couldn't watch TV or play video games on Shabbos because as a kid my parents use the TV (I would sit all morning on Sunday in front of the TV) and computer so that I wouldn't bug them as they didn't very much like dealing with me and thankfully on Shabbos I had to be a little more creative. Which sadly because parents use TV and video games for boys as a sedative in the Jewish world it actually is a good think IN THAT KIND OF BAD ENIVRONMENT that they can't use a TV or video games on Shabbos. But in a healthier environment a computer could be used for more productive means that are making the day a day for God and you really aren't doing work any more then speaking to a congregation on the Shabbos.