Sunday, June 19, 2011

The command of Tzizit on four corner garments. Some Karaite links here.

Here is some interesting links on this topic from a Karaite perspective in which they focus more on the tanach rather then claim some "oral" tradition (which of course can't be proven) tells them about this. Also about women and wearing Tzizut. I will say I am trying to seperate the wheat from the chafe as I am not too thrilled with the Karaite movement for a number of reasons in that I am seeing they are attracting men who are  both A.Ego-Manaics and B. Love women more then they love God and anything else about society and this combination is very bad and not mutually exclusive either.

Here are the links.

If you want to read more of my problems with Karaites as I mentioned above please read on.

In addition their position trying to prove that they promote "equality" between the genders is absurd and that everyone else has contempt for women except them and suggesting that religion specifically picked on women is absurd and offensive and it attracting the type of men as above. In fact I would argue that feminism usually is pushed by men who have low regard for women in the first place to play to a woman's most base emotions of envy of men.I agree that some Rabbinic position on men and women are wrong and sometimes offensive and that applies to men in some cases as well, not just women but to claim it is to specifically oppress women is offensive and shows lack of compassion towards men and children who are as much part of the nation of Israel as anybody else.

Contempt for others is a general trait. If someone uses women they will use men as well as they just see people as for their own desires and pleasures. Which many religious leaders have had serious contempt for men many times far worse then their contempt for women as they project what they are to other men and in addition MEN are a more bigger threat to their position and their career as a religious leader then women are in their own thinking. 

In fact historically, men abuse other men far more then women. Sending other men to fight endless wars based on their own ego a classic example of this. Anyone that thinks that men by nature just help other men and abuse women usually is a man above that is A. An egomanaic and B. loves women above God and everything else about an orderly society as God clearly does give some specific rights to men that anyone who denies it is full of themselves and their own desires for women to ignore what God really says in the torah. 

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