Monday, June 13, 2011

Circumcision Ban superhero anti-semitic. No kidding!!

 San Francisco put's on ballot to ban circumcision and they have this comic in relation to the sponsor of this bill. 

Thanks to Michael Savage for bringing this to attention. Unbelievable. In San Francisco they want to ban circumcision. And to this effect they have a comic with a blond blue eyed hero with evil Jewish men circumcising a male child dressed in black. Clearly their reason for this is hatred towards Jews and towards religion in general when you see a comic like this. See link below

Jewish activists calls circumcision ban superhero anti-semitic


SouthernBelle Rivky said...

I don't know if you actually saw the comic strip, here is the link you can see for yourself:

Clearly the designer was out to purposely create a negative image. Notice the couple is clearly depicted as non religious Jews. Absolutely no reason why ultra Orthodox mohel would be called in. Most Jews, even frum ones don't do ultra Orthodox stuff like that. Notice the mohel doesn't have eyes colored in and purposely made to have unfavorable looking harsh features.

The mohel for non-Orthodox is usually a medical doctor who does the blessings. Or the Chabad rabbi is there doing the blessing part. And the doctor gives the baby pain relief beforehand. You might disagree with that part of that, but I see no reason why it wouldn't be allowed.

Have to wonder why there isn't a comic for Muslims since they also circumcise. There are way many more Muslims than Jews.

Analytical Adam said...

I didn't see the whole comic. I see volume 2 of this comic is the one dealing with the Jewish mohel. Also I see they portray the father to be evil and the mother as caring not wanting to circumcise her son and being wrong for marryingthis creepy man. What a shocker.

And then giving the baby to another woman (once the real mother is punched out by the Mohel) who is neither the father or mother of the child. Is interesting that at the end of the day they take the child away from the Jewish mother as well who didn't want the child to be circumcised not that this is right but even a woman that doesn't follow the religion didn't have the right to her child either.
They started with demonizing the man but they thought little of the nonreligious Jewish woman as well that was so called caring and not wanting to circumcise her son.
The reason they pick on Jews I think is because they started it I guess. Not sure if Muslims always do it or this became part of Islam later on as Ismael is not commanded that he has to circumcise himself. Ismael unlike Issac was circumcized at 13 not 8 days old. It clearly shows the anti-semitic

Don't see any problem with pain relief if this helps reduce pain. It is interesting that I have read that 8 days is in terms of the development of the baby the best time to do this with the least amount of pain. Thank God we don't have to be like Abraham and have it done when we are an adult.

Thanks for sharing as I hadn't seen the whole comic and it really is frightening this very open antisemitism of this comic.

Analytical Adam said...

Now I saw the whole thing and would direct you to this link that SouthernBelle mentioned in her comment.

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

I forgot with Muslims it happens at 13. I guess it isn't as cute in a comic strip to show a teenager instead of a new baby. I have no idea what Muslims actually do about that. I thought the mother looked stupid in the comic. Not because of her objection, just portrayed that way throughout the strip supposedly 'having' to marry the guy (as if one really 'has' to)and ending with she runs off the with superhero in the end.

What I was originally thinking though is that vast majority of American babies circumcised aren't Jewish by any definition. Sure it has biblical origins, but so does our legal system. So concentrating on a tiny percentage of babies that happen to be Jewish (again most Jewish babies aren't using a mohel either and having a big to do bris party, it's done by a dr like other babies) is blowing way out of proportion.

I have heard that the 8th day is about when a healthy baby has the highest concentration of clotting agents in blood. Also gives the baby a week to settle and recover from being born. From a shuir I went to, I heard there is also something mystical as far as the baby having survived a full week including a shabbat, but I didn't get the connection to that.

Analytical Adam said...

Actually SouthernBelle they do take the child away from the mother when she was knocked out by the mohel (real realistic, ok) and they give this child to Tia Kumming Character 17 in the movie without even the mothers knowledge. So I guess women should not marry men who want to circumcise their son since they will them have their child taken away by foreskin man who may know some people at CPS who profit from selling another families child.

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

OH I looked at the strip a few times, but didn't read it the same way, but now I do. Not used to reading longer comics I guess.

You are going to think I'm really terrible on this idea I have..hehehe...given the creator went to such great lengths to look up super strict Orthodox rituals that aren't mainstream, surely he'd know the Yiddish word for his character's name sake. After all even non-Jews know that's a derogatory term even if they don't know specifically what it is. I'm too polite to type it out but that would be a better character name, don't you think :P

Analytical Adam said...

It is sick. They have playing cards. And, yeah. They are mentioning issues that actually many Orthodox Jews don't agree with like MIzviah Peh whatever it is called. Rabbi Moses Tendler has said it has nothing to do with Milah and shouldn't be done and it may be a health risk to do.

I do stand corrected in that the woman actually did tell uh foreskin man to give his son to this character 17 in this comic this other woman forgot her name and don't really care.

This really is sick. That they actually are making playing cards of this. And as you said that this person did all this research on this that most Jews don't even do and don't even think it is right themselves this Mitziah Peh.

It just shows that this kind of extreme liberalism in San Francisco really is against the bible and if you hate the bible the first target is always Jews and especially Jewish men who are the ones depicted as monsters in this "comic" strip.

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Well I knew of that from reading YWN and hamodia, there was a situation regarding a health issue, but I've never seen it actually done. I guess it is a super Chassidishe thingy. Not that I've been to that many Orthodox brits, but that wouldn't be something I'd not notice and would be well, gross. Like I said, that's really obscure detail that majority of religious Jews don't hold by.

The intellectual arguement against circumcision would have more merit for discussion rather than stirring up hatred with an ugly comic. Folks that doesn't believe in G-d or the Torah / Old Testament as being relevant today could feel this is unnecessary. That I get, and there's no logical way I can see of getting out of that one, maybe you do.

If one wants to reduce to a secular argument of a cosmetic procedure and not a religious ritual (which for most babies that aren't Jewish, it probably would fit this, I don't know for sure), what's the difference in terms of circumcision and ear piercing. However if circumcision is to be banned, then so ought to be cosmetic procedures such as earring piercings which a lot of girls get done as babies or toddler age, mole or birthmark removal/lightening which is also common too. These all are not needed for health reasons and there is real pain and risk of infection are also involved.

Maybe even cutting a baby's nails ought to be banned since babies' squirm a lot and it's common that their little fingers get nicked and bleed when trying to cut the nail part (google this if you think I'm being silly--it's a big worry).

Analytical Adam said...

I really don't think it is possible to not be against this because of the bible and the religious underpinnings of this although they may pretend it is for some humanitarian reason. There would be so many other things that would be a problem.

In fact one of the ironies is some that hate men in general suddenly this is the issue they suddenly care about boys being mistreated and I have heard and seen this. In reality they hate the fact that the bible is very patriarchal and their concern for boys is that this patriarchal religion wants to cut this foreskin.

To those that think the bible is irrelevant they can't like the Jewish people then since they are mentioned and you have that stupid land over there in the middle east where some theory is that David lived there and Abraham and Sarah are buried.

Sadly to some Jewish people the religion has becoming due weird irrelevant stuff that they think if they support other people with weird irrelevant stuff that they will be able to protect themselves. But sadly most people know that it is the Jewish bible condemns some of this weird behavior.

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