Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The Census of men 20 and up and their responsibility for being counted.

Which was about a month ago in the Jewish calender and was read about a week ago in Jewish synagogues in Numbers Chapter 1. (As I have said prior it really should be called "In the Desert based on that in hebrew it is called Bamidbar but I guess that is less appealing).

This is not reinventing the wheel as this is based on Exodus 30:11 when it says when you take a census and in  (Exodus 30:14) everyone who passes the census through the census from 20 years and up shall give the portion to God. It also was only men as it says in 30:12 every man (uses the Hebrew word Ish) shall give God an atonement for his soul

In Numbers 1 it does add one that is gong out to the legion should be counted. If you read the whole chapter 1 and 2 in numbers there are three tribes on each side surrounding the Tabernacle. Obviously each tribe had to guard their side from any enemy trying to damage the tabernacle. This of course was defending their own turf and holy possessions that the Levitates made with the instruction of God.

So the men that were counted had a responsibility that came with being counted in protecting themselves from possible enemies that were on any side that could attack the tabernacle.

This is so different then today when we are counted (and this includes women unlike in this case)
for the purpose of wanting services. Here it was the opposite. The men over 20 provided a service protecting the Tabernacle  (which could be dangerous if they were attacked) for being counted. It also should be pointed out to the other extreme that they were counted to protect something of their own (the tabernacle) and not for aggressive wars  that would certainly be a very unreasonably dangerous activity to go to fight an aggressive war in a foreign land where you don't even know the land.

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