Monday, June 27, 2011

Pictures and word of mouth of what is gong on in North Korea.

The communist country has been in a downward spiral for over 30 years as communism has destroryed the economy and only gives power to the man on top Kim Jong Ill. Even the army is starving now and the children many are orphans and completely malnourished.

Children Begging Solders Starving

Thanks to Michael Savage for posting this very terrible story which is known although don't know to what degree. Girls are also sold because of the poverty from my past reading of what goes on in North Korea.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kiryas Joel has the highest poverty rate?

Obviously they are hiding money to get benefits. Doesn't seem right that women like men that rely more on men in the government and having their own job. Clearly that is partly why this works and further many men feel they are kept poor with few skills so they can be controlled as suggested in this article.

Kiryas Joel poorest city in America

Is there an afterlife.

In this weeks bible reading it says Numbers 19:11. He who touches the corpses of any human being shall be impure for seven says 12. He shall cleanse himself on the 3rd and 7th day and then be clean. 13. Whoever, touches a corpse, the body of a person who has died and does not cleanse himself  defiles God's Tabernacle that person shall be cut off from Israel.

So clearly death is something bad. This idea that the next world is the "real world" was actually to deal with a very difficult life. Some will claim well why be good in this world is not for the next world? But actually if this is the main world we should want to do right for it's own sake not for some "other world".

Clearly the sin of Adam and Eve was that they would die and not live forever which in their case was for a long time and was brought down to 120 years which not coincidentally is about the maximum number of years a person can live in this world. No where in the five books of Moses does it talk about living for some after life. In fact all the rewards and punishments God mentions are "FOR THIS WORLD".

So I don't know if we are in a permanent sleep when we die. And that one day God will remove death from the world since at one point it wasn't part of the human condition. That part I don't know much about so if you could post where it talks about this would love to hear. Regardless it seems the main point is living in this world and not doing what is right in this world you will be exposed sooner or later in this world for doing evil although that may not happen right away.

The women that didn't received a get for 48 years? Is this was it seems.

I have heard horrible stories of harassment of men who in some cases actually did give a get. But the women doesn't want to accept it because she wants the man to be harassed and the so called male Rabbis have no problem calling landlords and employment to harass another man. Could this be the case here? Don't know much about this case to be fair.

Some of these so called religious men that enjoy harassing men are just untalented hacks that most men don't respect so I think they get sadistic pleasure out of getting back at men for not bowing down to them and respecting them which they think they are entitled to which really doesn't make them much different then the evil Haman I'm sorry to say. But this is where some of these so called male Jewish leaders are. I believe it because in other areas I have experienced similar behavior. Here is a site dealing with this especially the comminity of Passaic.

Passaic corruption in divorces

I don't agree in that secular courts should not be used in general 

Some Karaites Jews seem to be against feminism.

I found this article.

Who is a Jew

Update: I did email this group and have not received a response which makes me wonder if this is just a piece to avoid criticism. I told them about Nehamiah Gordon and his feminist family. Click Here Further some things in this article are absurd and crazy and I know this concept of overcompensation when people really are weak in an area they say crazy things at the other extreme so you don't realize the true situation but say such absurd things you think they are crazy and stupid which they are not. They just have something to hide. Charles Darwin a Jew??? The article just says extreme things lumping different people together which may be intentionally because they don't want to be seen as credible in this area because THEY DO support feminism and undermining other men who are a threat to their own power which is what feminism is about.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Neheiah Gordon's and his family. Their religion is feminism not Judaism of "any" kind.

Real Karaites (as I have found some who are not feminists) really are going to have to do something about this "man" Nehemiah Gordon and I use the term very loosely here. This is the latest of his posts on Facebook.

Comment by NG:
Unfriending all the people who signed this petition against me. Friends like that I don't need.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

WOR article on fathers day.

Overall, not good. More of a gap between the have men (men that are educated and have a college degree) and have not men (men without a college degree, minority). So the only men that are being hurt are those at the lower end. 

Men on average spent 6.5 hours with children compared to 2.5 hours in 1960. Or dong housework which I'm not sure what that has to do with being a "father". 4 hours more per week doesn't make up for all the other ills that are of much greater magnitude and show as I said a bigger gap between the have men and the have not men which I always find ironic that feminism usually leads to more inequality among men whether it is birth rates, marriage rates, divorce, what have you. That will lead to women being treated better if a few men have it good while many other men have little or nothing. This actually creates less checks and balances among men.

For fathers day here are a couple of articles on fathers by Kathleen Parker

I would recommend her book "Save the Males" by Kathleen Parker which talks about fathers among other topics among other issues facing men but also the way she writes is entertaining and funny for a topic that is very serious but she mentions many of the major issues.

Here are two articles written by her. One on a college course giving to girls about fatherhood to which they learned things they didn't realize.

The other about children of sperm donor babies and the fact it isn't right for the children.

The bible clearly believes father are as important as mothers are and to pretend otherwise is to go down into paganism. Sadly many therapists (some men of course) make money by undermining fathers which is a pathetic way to make a living by marginalizing other men.

Happy fathers day. Sad and immoral that in America so many children grow up without their father

Happy fathers day. It is sad that the government of the United States overall does feel fathers are competition to them being able to be a male influence on women.  They do need the woman vote. Sadly the most victimized are those poor and with few connections. And by going after men that can't defend themselves they claim they are "protecting women" from controlling men .  80% of so called deadbeat dads are actually men that are unemployed and broke. Which of course they can't pay a lawyer to get their support changed based on lower earnings or loss of job. They also can never go into business for themselves since earnings in that kind of job is up and down. Putting them in jail doesn't solve the problem but it guess it looks good to those who like to see the government getting really tough on men. Never mind that these men have likely done nothing to take from others.

The most horrible examples are with welfare in which women are penalized if they are married to a man and live with a man.

The command of Tzizit on four corner garments. Some Karaite links here.

Here is some interesting links on this topic from a Karaite perspective in which they focus more on the tanach rather then claim some "oral" tradition (which of course can't be proven) tells them about this. Also about women and wearing Tzizut. I will say I am trying to seperate the wheat from the chafe as I am not too thrilled with the Karaite movement for a number of reasons in that I am seeing they are attracting men who are  both A.Ego-Manaics and B. Love women more then they love God and anything else about society and this combination is very bad and not mutually exclusive either.

Here are the links.

If you want to read more of my problems with Karaites as I mentioned above please read on.

Miriam and her slanderous speech about Moses in marrying a Cushite

In the 1800's a Rabbi by the name of the Chafetz Chaim devised laws of inappropriate speech based on this story sadly though he twisted this to be more about not being able to criticize or speak out against legitimate wrongs then not slandering someone out of jealousy and/or envy as clearly was the case here.

Numbers 12:1  Miriam and Aaron spoke about Moses because of the Cushite woman he had married "He married a Cushite women 2. They said Has the lord only spoken through Moses has he not spoken through us as well? God heart it 3. Now Moses was a very humble man more then any other man on earth

God helps Moses with 70 Elders after the complaining for meat.

In Numbers 11:10-14 Moses is very distressed at the Israelite people complaining which Moses as well had his limits and his being upset God accepted because God was angry as well and Moses was just a man. This is what Moses said. For someone with difficult speech he speak well and eloquently here, Moses does.

11. And Moses said to the Lord Why have you dealt ill with your servant, and why have I not enjoyed your favor that you have laid the burden of all this people upon me. 12. Did I conceive all this people, did I bear them, that you should say to me, Carry them in your bosom as a nurse carries an infant to the land that you have promised an oath to their fathers 13. Where am I to get meat to give all this people when they whine before me and say "give us meat to eat 14. I cannot carry all this people by my myself for it is too much for me15. If you deal thus with me kill me rather I beg you and let me see no more of my wretchedness.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Karaites should admit when they were wrong.

Like the Rabbis somehow it is against their faith to admit that they were wrong.

As I can see this idea they have of not having fire even if it was set before Shabbos seems to not be a rational interpretation of 35:3 in Exodus.. See this post

Some have conceded this to some degree as a site I have on Karaite insights. But their idea of a compromise well today you could use electricity since it isn't having a fire burn. Just admit that you were wrong.

I guess like the Rabbis they can't because it may force people to look deeper into why. Which is a good question? What kind of Shabbos is it to be in the dark Friday night in the winter. That is for God. That is a classic man made type of worship to make yourself suffer and think you are holy.

Karaite Judaism and Feminism does seem to be a serious problem. (as is the case of Rabbinic Judaism)

Karaites seem to have had a problem with feminism and in this regard as a few others are not following the bible but their own heart and their own lust for power.

Every religion seems to think the other religion abuses women. People even think their own men abuse women who aren't in positions of leadership. I use to think Jewish men abuse their wives and of course none of those were Rabbis. Most studies show abuse is not a one way street and some abuse by men is exactly in response to women started up with them.

Anyway, the Karaites that this to a new level by seeming to claim that they are the only ones that treat women with respect. And claiming Rabbinic Jews legally discriminate against women. The bible in some ways discriminates against women so it is a silly argument. We all know discriminate is a loaded word anyway.
And some of their claims are true but to say therefore overall they discriminate against woman is simply not true.  For example it is true that Rabbis wrongly don't let women testify. But for the most part if a woman makes any accusation she is believed without any evidence so actually this limitation is used against men. Of course they want to overprotect women but if a woman sees a murder it is important the she be allowed to testify.

Karaite synogague in Albany and how they celebrate the Shabbos. No lights or air conditioning!! Absurd.

There is a synagogue in Albany, NY called  Orah Saddiqim the second Karaite synagogue. Why they can't use normal English spelling is beyond me but whatever.

There site seems to be down as of this moment and was looking at in which they discuss the Shabbos. And they actually don't allow you to have any lights or even air conditioning or heat based on this passage in Exodus 35:3. Which they translate as "You shall not burn fire in any of your dwellings on the Shabbos day" which to be fair to them is I believe what the second word in Hebrew literally means.

Of course what does that mean "you shall not burn a fire"??? How can you burn fire!! Maybe if you are some magician. I don't know. Fire burns wood it doesn't burn itself. Also of course you are not burning the fire if the fire was started on Friday. The fire is burning the wood not you as you started it beforehand.  So clearly it was an expression meaning don't light a fire when it says this. 

Decided to post on the Shabbos.

I've decided to post on the Shabbos. The reason is as follows:

A The purpose of Shabbos is to refrain from work and I go back to Exodus 35:2 "On 6 days you may work but on the 7th day shall be holy for you a complete Shabbos for God. Whoever does any work shall be put to death." If you know hebrew look at the hebrew as I did which I got the translation same as what Artscroll says. It is a day for God. Just spending the day reading stuff for yourself not related to work which is how I spend some of my Shabbos helps me but not others. IS THAT REALLY A DAY FOR GOD? I THINK IS A DAY FOR MYSELF. And then I have to share it on Sunday and this is making two days as Shabbos almost.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Union thug VP calls Christie Adolph HItler and this is WWIII for less health benefits.

This Union VP comments were absolutely disgusting. Calling Chris Christie Adolph Hitler and getting rid of him like Hitler and WWIII. Because of reduce health benefits. I am disgusted by these thuggish Unions. They are abusive thuggish men. This is a slap in the face to the 6 million Jews and others who were murdered during WWII. Here is a link to this. Here is an article on this.

Union executive: Chris Christie is Hitler

Here is the video. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011

Susan B. Anthony 600,000 men are drunkards. Wanted "Social Purity Laws".Ban Alcohol

Also felt marriage should be a luxury as this is what she said on Speech on Social Purity.
"Marriage, to a women as to men must be a luxury not a necessity." Speech on "Social" Purity.

This woman Susan B. Anthony seems like a humorless, control freak that wanted to blame men for everything and not allow them to do anything that gives them any pleasure. She wanted to ban alcohol and have her own "social purity laws". She sounds like a female taliban type. Alcohol seen as an absolute evil when any society it has it's place. And furthermore, alcohol does not make someone abusive. It just breaks down someones inhibitions and in moderation there is nothing wrong with it and the bible finds it has it's place as only a Nazir abstained from wine in Numbers 6:1. You wonder what would be next for her. Is anything that gives men some enjoyment to be banned by Susan B. Anthony. She wanted to created her own so called "social purity laws" which all was directed at those evil disgusting men.

Karaite insights and Exodus 21:22-25 of coliding with a pregnant women.

This was very interesting. It is very interesting in general. Karaite insights. Here is the article on eye for eye which also gets into pregnant woman one of the cases where it uses the term life under a life as it does extra hebrew word "Tachat". And here by the way it clearly would not mean literally because this is manslaughter and not even murder that you would be if this premeditated where you would be liable for your own life but it uses the hebrew letter Lamed. Anywhere here is this link to this whole discussion. Eye for Eye

Circumcision Ban superhero anti-semitic. No kidding!!

 San Francisco put's on ballot to ban circumcision and they have this comic in relation to the sponsor of this bill. 

Thanks to Michael Savage for bringing this to attention. Unbelievable. In San Francisco they want to ban circumcision. And to this effect they have a comic with a blond blue eyed hero with evil Jewish men circumcising a male child dressed in black. Clearly their reason for this is hatred towards Jews and towards religion in general when you see a comic like this. See link below

Jewish activists calls circumcision ban superhero anti-semitic

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

My mothers good friend used to physically abuse her male children when I was growing up.

She had 3 boys and like with my mother her first born son is not married (who I went to school with) although the two younger ones are. My mother accidentally called me up this morning and she thought I was this mothers husband.

Anyway I remember as a kid that she would get angry at her 2nd son 12 years old at the time(not my friend) and hit him and use physical force that he would be crying afterwords.

She did this when other people when in her home which shows the level of depravity. To be fair my mother wasn't much better which I guess is why they are friends. My mother use to scratch me, push me. pull my hair out. and go completely crazy at me when I was 10 years old. She didn't know how to really fight or beat me up till I needed to be hospitalized or something  but what she did created an atmosphere of not questioning and being afraid of her crazy rages and maybe one time not just pushing me. Completely not appropriate especially for so called "religious people".

Not to the point of being beaten to a pulp but still completely inappropriate. 

This "friend" of hers also set me up with a relative with no communication skills and lying about her age for no real reason as if "friends' do this who knows about enemies.

In the Orthodox world this acceptable behavior for mothers to use physical behavior and force and intimidation to their pre- adolescent boys and frighten then that you will go crazy if you don't do what you say without question. 

After all Judaism is a sexist religion so what better way then to take out on 12 year old boys. Jewish men have been beating up Jewish women for centuries so to take out on 12 year old boys who happen to be your own son. Makes sense!!!

Happy Shavoath.

Tonight at least according to Rabbinic Judaism is the first night of Shavoath. According to the Karaite sect of Judaism they celebrate it on Sunday. The reason is pretty obvious. It says in Leviticus 23:15 that you should count after the Shabbath you bring the omer "seven full weeks" The hebrew is "Seven Shabbaths complete they should be". So if you start in the middle of one week that isn't a "full week". A full week is from Sunday to Saturday. And the work after Shabbos is pretty clear.

Rabbinic Jews start counting the omer on the second day of Passover for 49 days which starts in the middle of one week and ends in the middle of another week. 

Also the Rabbis made the calender that holidays never start (with the exception of Passover which happens rarely once in 20 years or so) on Sunday which is the day you can't do work. To do this they make the beginning of a new month a day after or before the "actual date of the new moon". So for whatever reason (maybe becuase of Christianity) Rabbis did not want holidays on Sunday even if that was when the holiday came out based on the new moon.  Shavoath though is not based on the new moon and instead if 7 full weeks after the Omer is giving. This would mean the holiday would always come out on Sunday which I guess Rabbis didn't want. But it makes some sense to have this holiday come out after the Sabbath which you would be in a better state of mind since it is a one day holiday then in the middle of a week.

The Sotah and the drinking of the bitter war and God intervening.

This is the only case (read Number Chapter 5) of God intervening as in all other cases we have to use witnesses and man (used generically here)  to find if someone is guilty of innocent.

If a man suspects his wife of being unfaithful the Cohen makes her drink this water saying that she will not be harmed if innocent but will be if guilty and these words being put on a scroll and erased in the water.

As to why this was needed. I guess A. A man trusting his wife is so basic for themselves and their children and B. Behavior of this type is by nature very private where witnesses would be unlikely. Because of this God directly intervenes using this process if there are no witnesses.

Of course some will accuse this bible as they always do as being sexist and a male dominated book. As shouldn't this be done if a woman suspects her husband. The reason is I think is because a woman can get pregnant and the issues presented above would cause a man to work for another mans child which is not fair to the man. In a case with a man it doesn't force the woman to work for another woman's

Also the bigger context of this chapter which discusses the biggest issue of being spiritually pure as it says anyone with a Zav emission, (which are emission of semen by a man and when a woman menstruates) and also touching a dead body and leprosy both male and female had to be expelled from the camp as it wasn't just physical strength that they needed and all these also create hostility between people which also is not good for us to defend ourselves no matter how strong one individual may be.

It does seem this would include many people who have these impurities but I guess the purpose is for sexuality to be used for it's proper purpose which is to bring children into the world and not just for ones pleasure (and that is for both genders when their sexuality should be used for this higher purpose)  without it's higher purpose which also causes one to lose respect for the other gender if sexuality has no responsibility attached to it when engaging in it with the opposite gender.

Levites males counted from 30-50 years for service of the tabernacle.

It is interesting that their main work years were 30-50 as I guess they needed some training before being fully ready to be involved in the activity of the Tabernacle if you read numbers (Bamidbar) chapter 4.

The Census of men 20 and up and their responsibility for being counted.

Which was about a month ago in the Jewish calender and was read about a week ago in Jewish synagogues in Numbers Chapter 1. (As I have said prior it really should be called "In the Desert based on that in hebrew it is called Bamidbar but I guess that is less appealing).

This is not reinventing the wheel as this is based on Exodus 30:11 when it says when you take a census and in  (Exodus 30:14) everyone who passes the census through the census from 20 years and up shall give the portion to God. It also was only men as it says in 30:12 every man (uses the Hebrew word Ish) shall give God an atonement for his soul

In Numbers 1 it does add one that is gong out to the legion should be counted. If you read the whole chapter 1 and 2 in numbers there are three tribes on each side surrounding the Tabernacle. Obviously each tribe had to guard their side from any enemy trying to damage the tabernacle. This of course was defending their own turf and holy possessions that the Levitates made with the instruction of God.

So the men that were counted had a responsibility that came with being counted in protecting themselves from possible enemies that were on any side that could attack the tabernacle.

This is so different then today when we are counted (and this includes women unlike in this case)
for the purpose of wanting services. Here it was the opposite. The men over 20 provided a service protecting the Tabernacle  (which could be dangerous if they were attacked) for being counted. It also should be pointed out to the other extreme that they were counted to protect something of their own (the tabernacle) and not for aggressive wars  that would certainly be a very unreasonably dangerous activity to go to fight an aggressive war in a foreign land where you don't even know the land.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Hurricane season starts today.

My mother and my sister's name are on the list of Hurricane names today. Hopefully the hurricanes that do form will just curve up to the North before getting near land which actually they do serve a purpose in that they move warmer water from the South to the North when they stay in the Atlantic. The problem is when they don't do that and hit land.

Michael Savage show yesterday May 31st, 2011 on False accusations.

It really was an interesting show yesterday. You can listen  to the podcast on talk radio network if you pay $6 a month. Or you can listen on you tube. I uploaded the first hour above. The first 2 hours he had callers discussing false accusations.

Paternal vs. Maternal Lineage. In general the torah views it by the father.(Part 2) Deutoronomy 7:1-5

Here is Part 1 of this discussion. Paternal vs. Maternal Lineage Part 1

Someone on a board that was discussing Maternal Lineage according to Rabbis (which their view is very suspect)  mentions this passage in the Talmud. The more some of these issues are pushed by some (mostly those who are new to Rabbinic Judaism so they are naive and can be used easily) the more I realize that the reason for dong this had no real good intentions and really think people are stupid to just say things that anyone with a few brain cells can see makes no sense. Anyway, this was what this person quoted to try to prove Maternal Lineage based on Rabbis in the Talmud using biblical passages.