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A woman asked about this whole issue of women being impure which is in Levticus chapter 15

Leviticus 15 and the very unPC types of impurity when menstruating and also on the male side emission of semen.(Update: Sorry for my lousy spelling which I corrected)

The reality is many women have a problem with this and don't like Judaism because of it. In fact a woman asked me about this and I said well men become impure too when they have an emission of semen but that is less focused on as he also has to go the purify himself as the issue I think is that not using what God gave you for the higher purpose is causing impurity in a person's soul. That applies when women don't use their childbearing years properly which leads to less people in the world and the blood of unborn children and men who just think that an attractive is just for their own pleasure and not a process that God created to help create a bond between a man and a woman and helps a woman to be able to get a man when she is able to bear children.

Having said that actually it isn't equal in the sense that a man is impure for one day and a woman is impure for seven days after the seven days of menstruation. Which is half of a month. (Update: Actually it also I think it may be seven days for a man after you become clean from reading (15:13) although not sure. IF YOU KNOW PLEASE COMMENT. Although it does seem like it is only the impurity is one day but afterwords you would have to go through the same seven day purification process so you would be impure for 8 days as that is the standard in ALL CASES from reading this it seems.) (Second Update: Scratch what I said as it does seem that when a man has semen released it is not considered a Zav as it says when it comes out of him not a discharge as it says in all the other cases and it doesn't mention this 7 day purification afterwords and mentions the 7 day purification before this for a "Zav".) For a woman it is clearly more strict which of course would bother the Rabbi's since they don't like anything like that although men do become impure although only for a day and do have to do to a Mikvah and wash their clothes at least at least to try to follow these idea's as today we are all impure which may be one of the reasons we don't have the Mishkan as we don't take this seriously by turning into something only regarding married women and have mixed other politics into this.

The issue has been distorted that I can understand why some feel to some degree it is sexist in that they ignore men impurity and also they only have married women go to the mikvah (to purify themselves) which an unmarried should go to the mikvah as well (since they have a discharge of blood) as so should men if they have an emission of semen. This issue has been distorted that this is because men and women need a part of the month without intimacy but if that was the case then why is this only in a woman's childbearing years and if a woman isn't married she shouldn't be impure either.

This reason I heard I read from Sondra Boras of why a woman becomes impure which seems more rational then other reasons I have heard. And it makes sense why men become impure as well as it applies to both genders although a woman has a week of impurity before counting the 7 days afterwords while a man it is only one day before counting th3e 7 days from the way I understand it although correct me if I am wrong.

(ONE OTHER UPDATE: Leviticus Chapter 15 25-28 talks about discharge of blood for "many days" not at the time of her impurity she shall be unclean as though the time of her impurity. So how should you define "many days". The Rabbi's do have their view as someone sent to me of three days I think although they mix up a lot of different ideas as they claim a Zav is mentioned at the end of the chapter which is not true and then claim anyway we have to do 7 days as they themselves don't know or want to try to figure it out. The whole chapter deals with Zav's and the only thing not considered a Zav is emission of semen it seems.) But comments welcome on this.)

Having said all this some are still upset at God for this that women have to go through this and men don't. It is wrong to punish men because they don't have this as that is the way God created it and I don't know all the answers but it is sad that many so called religious men like to punish men (other men of course) because they deep down are angry at God and think being a religious leader they actually can change the nature of man which is pure arrogance and it seems to be done across all religions sadly.

Anyway not sure what a Zav is in the beginning although this may be just a general introduction as it does considers emition of semen as a form of Zav if you look at the last 2 passages in Leviticus 15:32-33. It also says the Zav of both male and female in the last passage. So I am thinking that these two forms of impurity are types of a Zav and not something different. Any comments welcome

Everyone today to some degree although married women I think less then everyone else because of the distorted way Rabbi's follow these laws create a situation that all unmarried women above puberty and all men married or unmarried as well are always impure and the only one's the Rabbi's practice in some way these laws are married women which actually is very disturbing that the only women Rabbi's care about are those who are married to other men but unmarried women the Rabbi's let them be impure all the time. And men of course should be impure and ignore the fact that they can become impure as well and it has nothing to do with their wife or if they are married.

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